The Truth about Curls

For me, I live for those loose beach waves. Messy, scrunched, but still soft to touch. My little curl confession is to  sometimes twist my first around my ends and push them up throughout the day…it’s never perfect and that’s just how I like it. Right now I’m working on the
Fashion week is just about to begin and I never leave the house without the new Beachy Texture Cream-Gel. Just a tiny bit to rub through my hair with my fingers before giving it a little shake, and I’m good to go!

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55 Responses to The Truth about Curls

  1. thismodernlove says:

    Hey Natalie, I’ve been following your blog unofficially for a year but now I’m an official follower 🙂 I really like your style and I haven’t really come across anyone who can put outfits together like how you do so effortlessly. This outfit like many others look like you arranged it without any thought. I mean that in a good way because I feel like you just pick out anything in your wardrobe and throw it together and it just looks really pulled together. I hope you have fun with your sister in London and take care 🙂


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