The Real Punks of Camden Town

It’s nearly 2 am and all my bags are packed and ready to head back to NYC! These days in Europe have been life changing. We kept to our word and made that spontaneous trip to Paris, and I’ve got to admit, I haven’t really slept much all week (yikes). Surprisingly, I feel just fine. Traveling with Dylana has been refreshing. It’s reminded me why exploring a new place keeps me alive. Our adventures gallivanting through London and Paris felt like it was out of a book. Though we didn’t even have time to make a proper itinerary, everything sort of fell into place. I literally hopped on a plane with a giant suitcase of the things I’ve always dreamt up of wearing in Europe, arrived in London, jumped on the tube…and honestly didn’t even have the address to my hotel. It’s called “winging it” and I can say, my sister and I have completely mastered the art of it.

Luckily, we found our way through Europe and discovered so many hidden gems throughout both London and Paris. Camden is just one part of London we knew was worth visiting.  I’ve always really dug the punk scene and so seeing it’s birthplace was kind of a must. We were even super close to purchasing a pair of creepers. I’m dying for them, only didn’t want to pack them in my suitcase back to the States. Figured I’d find them elsewhere. But yeah, all I packed were JETTS and DOCS, both of which have been so worn-in to the point where I need replacements. All complete with a pair of overalls, a staple my mom told me to pack. She used to wear them as well when she lived in London. So there you have it: overalls, boots, and a button-down. Here’s to you, MUM. 

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  1. leyla. says:

    glad you had fun during your european adventures. when i think of london, i always think of its grittiness and that special attitude only a londoner can have. i wouldn’t mind walking through the streets of camden town to witness is for myself.


  2. thismodernlove says:

    You look great Natalie! I love the overalls and you definitely shed new light on the classic overall style with a touch of edge 🙂 Looks like you’re having a great time in London!


  3. a. says:

    I loved the Camden market and those scooter seats! When I went there, there was a really amazing vegan cafe right next to the market. Don’t know if you went there or not.
    Winging it is often the best way to experience a new city, so you and your sister did it right!

  4. Gabrielle @ LookSharpSconnie says:

    I sat on those VERY motorbikes!!! AHH. So excitied. I loved it. i watched swans float past in the dirty river as I ate messy tacos from a questionably sanitary foodstand nearby.

    I vintage shopped and dug through bins and piles of old Doc martens and Burberry jackets in Camden Market, and loved every minute of it.

    Your shirt is is fantastic, and I love how it’s the perfect combination of trashy and chic – just like the Brits’ style. You and your sister fit in well, and you make me want to go back to that area and explore more and take more photographs.

    I’ve lovedf ollowing your London travels. Hope you had a great time and bought some cool stuff!



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