No Sleep in Paris

 (Vintage cargo jacket, Free People tunic, Dylana’s scarf, J Brand jeans, “Natalie + Dylana Suarez x Modern Vice” JETT boots)
Dylana and I definitely made the most of our days in Paris. We woke up extra early to coffee and croissants before jumping on the Metro to explore the beautiful city. Just the night before we were up in Bastille, making friends with the locals and playing the tambourine with a French band. I don’t know how we managed to get up this morning, but we did, even getting a glimpse of the Seine river sparkle so early in the day. Compared to NYC, Paris has a calmness to it. People can sit for hours facing the street just to people watch and everyone rents bikes to get around. There are just too many little things about the French that I love…including their simplicity. Therefore, I kept my wardrobe very minimal. Our JETTS fit right in! Right now, they’re still covered in dust from the Luxembourg gardens, and I don’t dare clean them. It seems weird, but I just want to keep just a tiny bit of Paris with me everywhere I go! Paired with my favorite pair of skinnies, and a mix of printed layers on top, it really is my favorite travel look. Thank goodness for Dylana’s scarf, which helped shield me from the Paris rain. We were shivering by the time we ended up at the Louvre Palace, but the trek was worth it. Louvre is stunning. Everything just seemed to glow more when it was wet. The open space, the incredible architecture, and not to mention, everyone running and ducking for cover in the rain, made the moment even more amazing. There are still many stories I want to share…I’m getting there, I’m getting there.
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83 Responses to No Sleep in Paris

  1. P. says:

    Oh, I can recognize every places you show in the photos! ^^
    This rainy weather was terrible but finally, today it’s sunny (but cold!).
    Perfect look to visit the town!
    Kisses from Paris 😉

  2. le rockandrouge says:

    Thank you for your comment! I´m such a follower of your blog (and sister´s blog), so it´s always a pleasure that you visit my blog 😀

    By the way, I´m an architect who loves illustration, and I´ve had the idea of make a draw inspired of you, I hope it is ok for you!

    This is a link with some of my illustrations, for you to see the way I work 😀

    If you agree I´ll let you know when I´ll post the draw!


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