LONDON: to the Palace

(MUUBAA leather jacket, Vintage dress, Dr. Marten’s boots, Rebecca Minkoff camera bag, monogrammed by Logan Real, and handbag)
Visiting Buckingham Palace was like a complete dream. Dylana and I literally ran through the giant park leading to the palace and I really did feel like a little girl again, with thoughts floating in my head of being a princess. Reckon it’s too late? Every tourist in the city was peering in through the gates, snapping that one last picture to remember that royal moment. I sat back at the steps, looking in from afar. Clouds hovering overhead, with just random peeks of sunshine, London’s history and charm makes it just so beautiful. I cannot even explain how much I love this city! Black quickly became my go-to color. The gloomy weather, carefree attitude of the Brits, sort of changed me and my style as I traveled through Europe. I’ve grown to love the disheveled look and unbrushed hair…the little vintage dresses with high colors paired with rock n’ roll boots. Can you believe I didn’t brush my hair once in the past 10 days? I arrived back in NYC with dreadlocks, literally. I honestly don’t think I can ever do the “put-together” look after visiting London. The city’s got it’s beauty and it’s got it’s grime. Mixed to perfection. Did I mention it’s magical? I’m going to bed tonight dreaming of this city.
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81 Responses to LONDON: to the Palace

  1. AmericaLettuce says:

    I’ve been waiting for you to post guurl! Haha. Im kidding… Lookin amazing of course. These pictures are so beautiful that thanks to you London is now one of the places I want to visit before I die. Im glad you are back in US though, eventhough I dont know you… I missed you hahahaha. Im kidding. I hope you had a nice flight. Yay! For the new post 😉 lovely.

  2. Monique Cheney says:

    I leave for England this Sunday…So, excited. I’m happy for your post while there because it gave me an idea of what I should take to wear while there. Being from Texas I don’t know what to expect as far as the weather goes. Glad you had a great time. I can’t wait to enjoy the city for myself too.

  3. WILDFLOWER says:

    Wow London totally suits you Natalie!!! I am loving your London style ALOT. The dress in this post is absolutely incredible. Makes me realise I haven’t been back to the UK in awhile, except I have missed the summer now!


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