Levi’s “GO FORTH” Campaign Video

Here it is, my Levi’s “Go Forth” campaign video! This is one project that’s meant the world to me. I loved working with such an iconic All-American denim label. I think the real me was captured perfectly in this video. It was all shot here in NYC, in my apartment, and at all the places that hold my memories. We kept the shoot very natural. Barely there makeup, and just my favorite Levi’s mixed in with their latest collection. This is just a short glimpse into my New York story. From coming to a new place, young and hungry, to finding inner peace through embracing the chaos and imperfections that are a part of everyday life. This past year has been life changing, and I couldn’t be happier. 

Levi’s, you’ve captured this bit of my life so beautifully. Here’s to going forth.

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60 Responses to Levi’s “GO FORTH” Campaign Video

  1. Christine says:

    there are no words for this video!
    it speaks from itself!!!
    also all the things you say or your sister about imperfection its so dammn true and i can’t help but agree in every single one of ur words

  2. tasha faye says:

    oh Natalie. <3 i have absolutely loved the Levi’s Go Forth videos right when i saw one of the first few on tv. they are incredibly inspiring and made me feel so light! congratulations on your very own go forth video, i’m so happy for you! 🙂 also, i’m glad to be able to have known you and have you visit my blog before. it is such an honour!
    i love your simple, lovely, tomboy-girly style. your makeup is always so simple and gorgeous haha xxxx


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