Childhood Denim

(Free People overalls, Stylestalker tee, Born oxford shoes from, Stela9 “Bolsa Grande” suede bag, Ax+Apple choker, Vanessa Mooney rings, Concrete Polish “Silver Crystal” ring)
These denim overalls remind me of my childhood. I get forever nostalgic whenever I slip them on. I love how basic they are, especially with a white tee, choker, and leather oxfords. I want to paint in them, run in them, and play in them. They’ve got a ton of pockets making it my lil kangaroo get-up, pouches and all…filled with little things I need on hand. 90’s denim is coming back and I’m super obsessed. And can you believe Kelsea’s got the best skort in the whole entire world. I haven’t seen a skirt/short combination in years! Umm, why did we stop making them? Gotta admit, they’re pretty darn stellar. 
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  1. Eva says:

    That’s right! The style of childhood = overalls… Wherever you were (I’m not sure if ARE is a proper word here). God, I used to complain about them but now – it’s very, very OK to have minimum ones 🙂


  2. A says:

    Overalls? Overalls!

    Funny thing is even though I was never into overalls as a kid, these photos do make me feel a little nostalgic. I’m reminded of little train sets and conductor’s uniforms, playing with my little brother and enjoying those carefree sunlit days. Those were the good times…

    But back to the present now!
    Those overalls you’re wearing Natalie are seriously rockin’! I love that they’re baggy up top but then taper down as they get lower. Lots of pockets and a funky cut that shows just how great your legs are. I like it 🙂
    The simple white tee, loafers (which I love btw), and gold choker keep it real.
    Stay rad and keep doing your thang girl! <3

    Have a fantabulous Labor Day weekend <3

    The Ace of Hearts

  3. says:

    This jumper is amazing! No one has ever convinced me to wear a jumper but this jumper is unquestionably chic and stylish. I love that you were able to rock it and feel that you have inspired many to wear a jumper too! I’m loving the look 🙂 Keep up with the great posts 🙂


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