Between Shows

(Stylestalker dress, Levi’s shirt, Thrifted backpack, Dr. Marten’s boots)
In the midst of New York fashion week, I haven’t really sat down once! There are just too many people I know that are in town…my Cali girls, my NYC girls, my Europe girls, and everyone else in between! So far, it’s been one giant weekend of never-ending meet-ups…oh and meals. We broke the world record of sitting for a 5 hour dinner! See? Things happen when you’re surrounded by people you haven’t seen in about a year! And like I’ve said before, I never really planned anything to wear for fashion week. My rule: taking pieces I love and tweaking it a bit. I love this leather Stylestalker dress. I wore it during FNO to host Swarovski, and again yesterday. With different shirts underneath each time, it feels brand spankin’ new. Just a few more days of NYFW craziness, then I’m off to London for some Brit fun. September, you rock. 
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  1. Christine says: are really enjoying this season don’t you??
    its always great to meet with friends you haven’t seen in ages!!!!!
    ps ur outfit its great and what also is great is that you recycle it wearing the same dress!!

  2. Alice says:

    Your outfit is all sorts of yummiliciousness!
    That leather Stylestalker dress is gorgeous and has the most simple and versatile silhouette. Paired with a chambray shirt underneath, ohhhhh myyyyy.
    Then those Dr. Martens with the socks peeking out just a teeny bit.
    Man, you slay me with your amazingness.

    Dylana looks amazing in that photo too!
    Her dress (is it backwards?) is a gorgeous purple tiedye and she rocks it!!

    Five hour dinner?
    Holy cows!
    That must have been a lot of eating and talking and being cool 🙂

    Good luck with the last few days of NYFW craziness and with your England trip packing.
    Looking forward to all the amazing photos of your exciting life!!

    Have an awesome day girl!! <3


  3. thismodernlove says:

    Great outfit Natalie! I love the structured black dress with the casual denim button up underneath. My favorite part is the collar peeking over the dress 🙂 it adds a lovely touch to this look! I also like how you paired this darker outfit with multi-colored bracelets and your colorful backpack. What a great find!

    Oh I just did a post on my Fall Fashion Faves of 2012 which shows 6 of my favorite Fall collections so if you get the chance, check it out on my blog:


    -Jenny 😀


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