The JETT boot designed by Dylana and I is finally here! Made and designed right in the heart of New York City. We’ve been tweaking them for months. Now, the boot is PERFECT. Dylana and I have always been on the hunt for the perfect boot, one that is classic but with a twist, that stands out from the pack. The Jett takes everything we love, and has become our dream boot. They keep us going during long days running around the city, to late nights on the dance floor. I’ts a boot that you’ll find no one else wearing…and comes in a killer selection of colors. Yep, I’m happy to say we got to make them from scratch. And I get to wear them everyday. They’ve got a real rock n’ roll touch, hence the name, THE JETT. Made of 100% Italian leather, the finest metal detailing and leather sole, along with just the right amount of cushioning, they’re a boot you’ll keep on wearing forever. Plus, the soles of each get hand-engraved with a little something special just before being sent out. I love our JETT boot. I wear them with just about everything and anything in my closet.

LIMITED EDITION, they are available to purchase in maroon, black, cherry red, and a lemon yellow!
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63 Responses to THE JETT Boot

  1. A says:

    Congrats times a million for getting the opportunity to create these boots with your sister!
    I’m dying a teeny itsy bit right now….you+Dylana+boots+available to other people=mind BLOWN.

    I really wish that I could get a pair of those boots in every single color!
    Then, I could wear them with everything and try to be almost as cool as you and Dylana! <3 <3

    Have a lovely day Natalie (and anyone else who might see this)!!

    The Ace of Hearts

  2. Laura Gil says:

    Me encanta tu look, es sencillo pero me encanta en serio!:D Todas tus fotos son muy inspiradoras, enhorabuena por tu blog. Te seguiria pero no encuentro por ninguna parte el boton jajajaj;)


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