Sequins in Bed

Slipped into my Zoey’s newest designs and ended up barefoot in bed  for the latest Disco Pony lookbook shoot. Shooting in my apartment never gets old as my friends still believe is “the best little flat in the whole wide world!” I cannot even count how many times people have shot here…but it’s definitely brought along countless fun memories. Anyways, this new disco collection is my favorite. I love the slouchy fit of the updated “Natalie” gold dress, the bare backs, being able to drape just about as much jewelry I want down my spine. And come on, the All-American spin on the DISCO DISCO is the icing on the cake. Sequins in bed never looked so good.

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  1. Miranda says:

    you’re adorable!
    great blog!
    you’re so pretty!
    i love the sequin dress!
    i need everything you’re wearing!

    wait really? – “i just started this amazing blog and it’s going to change your life?”

    i think we all need a bit of a reality check…

    cuz i mean, you’re pretty rad. but, i mean… it’s not like you’re, iono, a fabulous british designer like zoey.

    JK JK JK haha xoxoxox

    you know i(u) love you(me)

    m (the not-stalker)


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