(Evil Twin tank, Dylana’s skirt and mix of bracelets, Ax+Apple choker)
I love early morning light, when it’s firey red and lights up the entire living room. Dylana’s house really does have the best light to wake up to. She set a chair by the back doors, told me sit, and snapped these photos in about 2 minutes. Dy, you really are one of the best photographers I know. I felt like a firefly, in red tie-dye, set against the sun. I’m going to miss these lazy summer mornings, especially now that work is continually getting crazier and crazier. And it’s only the 1st! 

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  1. OrigamiGirl says:

    I saw the title and totally thought you were going to do a ‘Firefly’ inspired shoot. Like Firefly the tv series… heh. Clearly not. But I know what you mean about the light. It’s gorgeous. I was just blogging about how much I love evening sunset light, but they are similar!


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