A Haunting Stroll

I love when Dylana takes me around to all of her favorite cooky spots in Philly. I think she does get a kick out of trying to scare her little sissy! The morning was extremely gloomy, just about to storm for the entire day, and so we took an early stroll to the local cemetery before being hit by thunder and lightning. Dy’s always been saying “I’ve always wanted to shoot in a cemetery!” It was locked, leaving us peering in from the gates. I caught focus with old dolls…withered flowers…just about everything that could bring shivers up and down my back! It’s no secret… we’ve got a thing for hauntingly cool/weird things.  There’s that something about Philly, being one of the oldest city’s in America, that draws me to it, and always leaves me wondering. With giant messages graffitied everywhere I turn, I get more and more inspired every time I visit. I can’t wait for next weekend.

Photos by Dylana Suarez and me

74 Responses to A Haunting Stroll

  1. Miranda says:

    those dolls are so creepy. can’t deal with it.

    where in philly is this?! i didn’t see anything that cool while i was there. clearly i need a local to show me around next time!

    oh and you already know how beautiful you are. i don’t need to reiterate.



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