Sun Coma

 (Chaser Brand tee, Saint Claude necklace, Hudson “snake” jeans, Rad+Refined Chloe Sevigny for Opening Ceremony sunglasses, Vanessa Mooney/Wanderlust+Co jewelry)
So I never do really wear jeans to the beach, trust me, but I was about to board my flight back to NYC from Chicago and I had to touch the sand one more time, even if it meant coming home with little patches of sand stuck all over me! I’d be happy if I could spend weekends by the beach and weekdays in the city…a girl can get best of both worlds, no? Anyways, it’s hard to stay away from band tees, skinny’s, and a heap of jewels when you’re constantly on the go. Spending ages rummaging through my overflowing closet may be the last thing I’d want to be doing. 

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