We’ve got a killer boot in the works, handmade here in NYC, that is going to blow your mind. They really are the typical “off duty” boot… edgy, rock n’ roll, but still super chic. Dylana and I have always had the perfect boot on our minds forever, we’ve really turned that shoe into reality and let’s just say they are BEEEEAUTIFUL and I cannot wait to wear them every single day. We’ve got our samples, the lasts are in from Italy… so it’s just about time before Dylana and I start wearing our own pairs and continually giving you more sneak peeks. You know it’s going to be good when it’s a brother/brother-sister/sister collaboration! 
We’re releasing them in August and I’m dying to see all of my readers rocking our signature boots. They really may be the hottest thing to hit the NYC pavement. Excited yet?Follow me on Instagram (natalieoffduty) for more updates!

53 Responses to SNEAK PEEK

  1. Emily Ulrich says:

    I’d expect nothing short from your style palette than that of high class, rocker off-duty! And the more time being spent on a project, the more rich in creativity the product is. Very excited for you!

  2. A says:

    This looks so exciting.

    You and your sister both have amazing styles so I expect the boot to look nothing short of stunning.

    Congrats on this super awesome experience!

    I can’t wait to see more pictures of the shoes!! 🙂


  3. amorodo says:

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    We found your blog and it is very interesting, we invite you to take a look!


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