Natalie Suarez x Volcom Fall ’12 Ad Campaign

 Just opened the latest issue of Foam magazine, and there it is, the official release of the 
All shot by my incredible sister, Dylana Suarez! The fact that we’ve nailed the Fall collection feels amazing! And what better to showcase than in some of our favorite magazines. It took us ages to figure out what shot we would use as the official ad. We had far too many options! Of course we went with the shot that the most rock feel. Badass, with just a touch more attitude. Makes sense…the Volcom girl is a tough cookie, now isn’t she?

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  1. Mia M. says:

    waaaaah, I am back and I missed so many blogposts of yours! So happy I can finally catch up!
    I am back from Berlin Fashion Week and next time you should come, too! It’s such a great city and I bet you would have loved it!



  2. james traylor says:

    The insurrectionary fashion proclamation of punks and bikers, the dark calfskin coat used to connote defiance. Today it is an exemplary design staple, nearly as normal as pants or coaches. However, in spite of the fact that its relationship with disappointed youth may have been weakened, the dark cowhide coat is improbable ever to lose its quality of cool.


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