A Music Story

(Chaser Brand tee, Stylestalker dress, UGG Collection boots) Photos snapped by Kelsea Kosko
This may be the perfect look for running around the city in-between appointments. A long dress over my most worn-in tee, and of course, a killer pair of combat boots. I was running to the UGG Collection event just after a photoshoot and honestly, I had about 2 minutes to change. Cabs weren’t helping things roll along any quicker that day either! Anyways, I was greeted by one of my all time favorite bands, The Drums, upon arriving…and yes, one of the best views in all of Manhattan. Chelsea Arts Tower, I love you more each time I visit! Though I was running completely late, I still managed to meet the models that I had decked out in my music style…crochet, rock tees, leather shorts, lots of jewelry. Of course, a comfy pair of grunge boots goes a long way. Who knew my Dad would have taught me everything I know about classic rock? Forever my favorite style, on or off the stage.

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  1. Luna says:

    Hey Natalie!

    Love how the effortlessly cool vibe you have going on in your outfits. You make it look all too easy!
    I also wanted to let you know I’m hosting my first giveaway for a white gold three feather peacock necklace and would like to invite you to enter. I know you probably have people gifting you fabulous items, but it would be an honor. I love, love your blog!



  2. Miranda says:

    i would not have guessed those were uggs – and you look stunning as always!
    music moves people – and it clearly influences your style 🙂



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