TO CHICAGO: Rad+Refined Summer Launch Party

I will be flying to Chicago this Friday, not only for work, but also to attend the Rad+Refined Summer Launch party at the Market Bar Chicago Rooftop! I’m stoked as I’ve worked closely with the shop for some time now. They really are a mix of California cool with a little city edge thrown in. Now, who’s from Chicago?! I’m ready to hit the dance floor…and get a little crazy. Dylana will also be flying out with me! Suarez sister sandwiches for all!

This event is open to the public so RSVP right HERE (everyone get’s a plus one) or email:
I cannot wait to meet all of my Chicago readers in person! It’s going to be well, pretty rad.

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  1. moriah says:

    Hey girl! I live in Chicago and it’s awesome you’ll be here! I have a work dinner that night but might be able to make it over afterwards for a hot second. If you two need any recommendations at all for food, bars etc LET ME KNOW! Your event is right by one of my favorite restaurants avec( You should ABSOLUTELY try to grab a bite there.
    Have an amazing time and perhaps I’ll be able to make it over.


  2. Bianca says:

    I am too hype! Now I can make up for the time that I saw you in new york with your sister at Urban O and I was too shy to say hi!!! can’t wait to meet you girl!!!

    this is me btw>>>



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