On Set with Macy’s

Being on set with Macy’s has literally made me want to rock a side-part with my hair nearly everyday. I felt part rock’n roll mess and part girly, it was pretty rad. This shoot has definitely been one of my personal favorites, only because the production team was just so incredibly fun and laidback. And come on, ANNE MENKE was the photographer…and she’s a god. She captured my NYC lifestyle by using my Canon as my prop and the stunning Soho streets are our backdrop! But best of all, I love how kooky everyone gets on set after a long day’s work. Once it’s been a full day, anything goes, hence eating smack dab in the middle of the street. I ended up leaving our campsite (aka the biggest trailer on Wooster) with stained coral lips and a crunchy head of hairspray. Well worth it 🙂

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  1. TheHeadlessMannequin says:

    I’ve rarely seen your hair up – it looks really pretty especially with the parting. I thought you looked great too in the Polyvore runway show with your hair back. Loving these behind the scenes shots…looks like a really fun shoot 🙂


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