I feel like whenever I’m in Philly to visit Dylana, I always come home with an extra tote, filled with all of her unwanted hand-me-downs. I scored big this time as I made my way through her Evil Twin package. It consisted of one giant box with all sorts of super duper short frocks, including this beautiful tie-dye number. The jade green is my absolute favorite color and already, I’m craving more of this brand’s summer pieces. For some reason, Dy’s wardrobe brings out the tie-dye and bead-draped hippie in me. Being the little sister isn’t so bad now is it? So yeah, the heat is on, and all I feel like wearing are tiny dresses, a great pair of boots, and a messy bun. It’s no surprise that I always go for easy, colorful styles on the weekends. Our nights were spent with friends, dancing at the bar, and getting chased down by a drunk 60 year old man (yikes!) while days were filled with sleepy walks around Center City, wondering how the strangest things always happen to us. Philly, can you get any weirder? I still love you anyway.

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  1. Marlena says:

    i wish i had a sister to bum clothes off of- especially if she has an amazing closet like that. that dress is so cute- especially paired with that boho bag. that’s some awesome mix and matching!


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