Travel Wish: London

All that I have on my mind are my next travels. Summer is coming up and I’m looking for some sort of getaway. I’ve got a few trips for work coming up, which I’m super stoked about…but I cannot stop thinking about one particular place: London. I don’t know, maybe it’s the constant rain here that’s making me think of heading out East….or you know, it may partially be due to the fact that my friend from London is staying with me and her stories from the city always make me swoon with delight. I’d love a little British rock n’ roll in my life! What comes to mind are Kate Moss, thick heavy accents (which I could listen to all day), and some of the best shopping ever. My down time revolves around browsing sites like Shopikon…lustfully peeking inside stores and hole-in-the-wall spots around the world. Heeeey, mind if I make a visit? 

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  1. Sophie says:

    OMG London is so great! living near here is like the best thing, although funnily enough i reeeeeeally want to visit NYC. But dont come here to escape the rain. we have all the rain. nyc is like the south of france compared to us!
    also go see matilda the musical. its literally the best thing ever, and you’d love brick lane so go there too 🙂


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