Stylemint Giveaway: Stripes for a Rainy Day

(Stylemint striped pullover, J Brand “Nikko” jean, White+Warren parka, Liebeskind bag, Mango blue ring)
The recent wind and rain always make me think twice about whether I should lazily jump into a cab, or huddle to the nearest subway station in between meetings. Evidently, I don’t get surprised anymore with the sudden change of weather. I wake up, peek outside…if it dreary, whatever. If it’s beautiful, well…hallelujah! Whatever the day brings, stripes are my weakness. This one by Stylemint is like my little blanket, perfect for going just about anywhere. For this rainy, chilly day, I mixed it with a pair of skin-tight racing jeans, and a giant olive green parka. Strangely arranged, I was completely content..and more than comfortable.

To give this rainy week a little oomph, I’m giving away one of these Stylemint striped pullovers!
To enter simply:
1. Comment below with a valid email address
3. Like me on Facebook/ Follow me on Twitter if you haven’t yet to receive all giveaway updates!

150 Responses to Stylemint Giveaway: Stripes for a Rainy Day

  1. Andrea Marquez says:

    Love ittttt.
    Btw, is this worldwide?

    P.D: can you make a post about how you style your hair? I’ve had a bang for 3 days and it gets all over my head, except my forehead. OK, thanks.


  2. Aubrey says:

    This is the perfect cool weather outfit. Love the pullover so much! If I win I imagine wearing it with cutoff shorts for chilly nights at the beach this summer!

  3. Candy and Treats says:

    Oe, you look stunning so I can only hope that I look equally good in case I win this sweater! 🙂

    Thanks for the opportunity,

    Love, Liesbeth


    PS: I’ve completed all the steps!

  4. Hotsy Malone says:

    Signed up for Stylemint, follow you on Twitter via octmoonboutique and now LIKE you (as if I didn’t already!) on FB! Love this striped t and have fingers and toes crossed!


  5. Victoria Gibbs says:

    I love this Nikko J.Brand jeans, they were one of the first items, in one of my trend reports that I talked about when I began my blog about 3 weeks ago. Your blog definitely inspired me, while you are a few years ahead of me, I hope to have a following like you one day!


  6. A says:

    Thanks for the giveaway Natalie!
    All of Stylemint’s pieces are too cute…especially this pullover. I love the stripes and the simplicity of it!

    I’m already signed up with Stylemint and I already liked you on both Facebook and Twitter 😀



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