Of the 90’s

Last weekend I spent a good few days really getting back into thrifting. I hit up the west village with friends, and even made my way down 23rd street. Sometimes I’m lucky, other times I end up bringing things home only to discover they have holes or are just downright overused. But still, the thrill of the hunt for something one-of-a-kind is my ultimate pleasure. I was smitten with this printed number I found in Williamsburg the moment I laid eyes on it. Not only did it have a long, slim cut, but it was the fact that this exact print was almost identical to a piece I had in my wardrobe as a child, made me buy it. It’s oh so 90’s, the time of my youth, and I can just picture the tween version of myself with a similar choker, but maybe with an extreme high ponytail and a pair of embarrassingly elevated black sneakers (yikes). Anyways, I’ve outgrown the 90’s but revisiting it in some way or another is just too fun! 
By the way, can you tell that I’m on a Vanessa Mooney binge? Her handmade, colorful jewels make me giddy every single morning. I think one of my main decisions each day is figuring how I can incorporate at least one of her chokers into an outfit…I’m that obsessed.

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  1. Lizzie says:

    LOVE that pattern of the dress and the fab bag. I often daydream about how good the 90’s were…stir-up leggings, hair scrunchies and all 🙂 haha



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