A Good Omen


Here is just a tiny sneak preview from my shoot with Kenny. The team and I flew out from NYC to beautiful La Quinta, CA.. the location for our campaign shoot. The desert sun was INTENSE throughout the day, making us all sweat like no other…but for some reason, I loved the heat. My skin was turning brown right before my eyes, no joke. I guess growing up in the valley of LA has something to do with it. The liberating feeling of climbing mountains, getting sand in my boots, and doing cartwheels barefoot is indescribable. And oh yeah, done in the most killer little frocks, vintage crochet, and everything you’d see a desert babe roll out of her tent in each morning with, was perfect. You can probably tell, but the shoot was right up my alley and so I felt most at home: earthy, fresh, with a little dust and dirt to it. Who wants to be perfect anyway? Not to mention, we ran into a bunch of insanely beautiful horses. I managed to take the white one out for a little spin! As the designer said, the day was full of good omens. Now, I just can’t wait for the final images and video to come out. 

For now, follow all my adventures through Twitter and Instagram (natalieoffduty)… because lord knows I’ve got a thing for it.

100 Responses to A Good Omen

  1. Shybiker says:

    Very cool. Very pretty. It’s nice to have a chance of place. I went to Arizona recently and the desert was such a contrast to my home in New York. Nice to see your pictures of the desert.

  2. alannah. says:

    this would have been such a sick place to shoot! love your last look & the shot with the horse. can’t wait to see the end results!x


  3. leyla. says:

    oh, the photo of you in the white dress next to the white horse is quite magnificent. i love it!

    thanks for the visit and i’m glad you liked my little snaps 🙂



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