The Good Stuff

Hello there Philly! I spontaneously packed a mini suitcase and hopped on a bus…got here in less than 2 hours flat! It’s Easter weekend, my friend’s birthday, and I get to spend every waking moment with the one and only Dylana Suareeeeeez. Boy will she be sick of me! hahahah! Already, we have a house packed with friends, and all I want to do is get coffee and curl back under the sheets.

Yep, this is my little mini-vacation before I fly off to the homeland, CALIIFOORNIIIA, for yet another crazy weekend, but in boho Coachella style! So there you have it, I’ve got lots of things on my mind, hence the photo mix up. But it’s all good stuff, no? HAPPY EASTER!

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  1. A says:

    These are such gorgeous pictures!
    I especially love the skate board one, the one of Dylana, and the very last one.
    Dylana looks so different in those pictures…but still absolutely gorgeous!! <3

    Happy Easter!
    I hope you guys have an amazing weekend 🙂

    I can’t wait to see your pictures of Coachella…



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