Dusk till Dawn

(Chaser Brand leather jacket and tee, David Kahn jeans, Alimonada skull bracelets, Shoemint leopard sandals)
Friday, you roll around quicker than expected week by week. Everyday for me has been go, go, go and I can’t wait to finally sit back and do absolutely nothing…or absolutely everything this weekend. I don’t even know how I’m alive right now! Late nights and early mornings have been taking over my life. Thank goodness for coffee… but darn, I’ve come to realize I’m completely out of milk and creamer. Grocery shopping has been on my long to-do list for ages! It’s about time I get some things organized…the big sis is coming to town and lord knows this weekend will be crazy. We’ve got some killer shows to see and of course insanely sick projects in the works. I just can’t wait to see her, especially since Coachella madness is over and we can finally act like normal people. For now, all you need to know is that life currently revolves around Chaser Brand’s rock n’ roll tees, and their brand spankin’ new moto leather jacket. Funny, they’re really all I need to feel happy right now.

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  1. Naina says:

    Even in the most casual of outfits, I’m sure that you stop (pedestrian) traffic… which in New York, is far more of a compliment than stopping the boring actual traffic.



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