To the Underground

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“Take a look at some snapshots taken down in the subway, and everywhere in between in NYC. All shot by my awesome friend Ariana of She’s got the travel bug, and texted me saying “I have to, have to shoot you again, before I head to Brazil!” And of course, I agreed. Though we were both super busy, we met up at Grand Central to snap up these photos. She’s always awesome to work with, even shooting in the craziest of conditions…during rush hour in the city! The photos came out just the way we like it, dark and morbid. I wore a beige crochet blouse, a long sheer skirt, and giant leopard coat. I think my greatest accessory is the underground band, no?”

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  1. Zouk Penne says:

    Love the pictures! Can’t wait to go to New York, hopefully this summer. Subways are so different in every (big) city, can’t wait to explore the New York subway! Hope that it is as good as the metro in Paris!


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