THE FORMULA: A Beauty Story

I’m one who keeps all my beauty routines to a minimum, but I finally sat down with Aimee Blaut of the beauty blog, The Formula, to reveal all. We chat about my latest projects, my skincare routine, and why mom knows best (well, most of the time). Before my interview, we met up on a rainy afternoon at the Milk Studios art gallery to shoot. Wearing some of my favorite pieces, and surrounded by all of my must-have products, I felt most at ease.

Read my entire beauty story here on The Formula. I like when she calls me a babe 🙂

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73 Responses to THE FORMULA: A Beauty Story

  1. Courtney says:

    I love what you said about yourself, so real and down to earth. You look lovely in these photos, you truly are stunning Natalie! I’ve never used Estee Lauder products before, may have to give them a try!xx

  2. Kayla says:

    Congratulations on the volcom gig!! I still own and love the Volcom polka dot blouse your sister sent me a while back! i should’ve posted a photo of me wearing it but guess i’m not much of a personal style blogger! ah well, i adore it!
    ps- I work at H&M and we have a photo of you in our break room of you wearing the 14.95 bright floral pants from In Style [ i think?] cute stuff!!
    pss- I adore Jenny Lewis too!!! You should check out Diane Birch if you haven’t already heard of her, and Jessica Lea Mayfield!



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