Crochet knits always gets me thinking of summer, the heat, and killer music festivals. Basically, I’ve got the west coast revelry, Coachella, and Palm Spring desert skies on my mind. I’m particularly obsessed with this crochet tunic by one of my blog sponsors, LAmade. Their pieces which just embody the California lifestyle, always making me a bit homesick. Where’s the sunshine NYC? We could use some of you hehe. Another piece that will travel with me east to west and everywhere else in between is this amazing Volcom patchwork denim jacket. I feel like making it more like a memory jacket…continuing to add my own patchworks on it from new places that I visit. How sweet would that be? I want to showcase all my favorite moments right there on my shoulder with patches, stamps, scribbles, studs, and anything that comes my way… I see it being super road-tested by the time I’m through with it.

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99 Responses to Road-Tested

  1. A says:

    making your denim jacket into a memory jacket sounds like an awesome idea…can’t wait to see what you add to it!

    the lace tunic looks super cute over the button down and the fuschia lipstick looks great on you!!


  2. Andrés Corella says:

    Great look! Crochet and demin are two of my favourite pieces…love love this if its not a problem for you I will post one of your pictures in my blogs “Style I Luv´d” box 🙂

    The Black Label

  3. Jules says:

    you cutie!! I MISS YOU! I’m bummed that everytime i go to NYC we NEVER HANG!!! You’re too cool for me now 🙁

    MISS YOU tho biiiiitch!



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