Giveaway: A Year of Weekly Manicures!

So I’ve got a little secret, I’m really into It’s basically the lead destination for urban woman in cities like NYC, Chicago, LA, and San Fran to book beauty appointments at a major discount. The deals are unbeatable and I’m always checking the site to see where to get my next haircut, manicure, massages, or whatever else is necessary at the time! At around 70% off any beauty service, I always score big!

Soooo, enough said, I’m treating one lucky reader to a YEAR of free weekly manicures!!

The lucky winner is going to be one happy camper with the prettiest nails EVER.

To win the Lifebooker giveaway simply:

1. Sign up to Lifebooker HERE!
2. Like me on Facebook/Follow me on Twitter to see the lucky winner!!
3. Comment below with a valid email address

This may be one of my most exciting giveaways! It’s heaven, really!

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