My Night of Butterflies

(Erin Fetherston dress, Banana Republic bag)

Gah, I am super exhausted, under the covers in bed, cradling a cup of tea. I’m still in Philly after a long day of shooting, hoping to catch a good night’s rest. In the meantime, I thought I’d reminisce over one night of NYFW that was filled with butterflies, sparkles, and really good company. I attended the Erin Fetherston presentation at Milk Studios, decked out in a super cool lace button-down dress, covered in nothing but butterflies. Designed by Erin herself, this cheeky little number was so unexpected, yet so so cool. I don’t think I’ve worn a butterfly print since middle school, and even then, it was a hit! The presentation was just as stunning. I loved the simplicity in the models. All so neutral, but glowing left and right. My favorite piece may be that strapless nude dress with the messy bun. It all gave off an innocent vibe that’s oh so appealing.

With all my friends in town, we headed downtown to Rubirosa piiizzaarriiaa for a delicious meal with Threadsence, the Cali online shop that I love and adore! See? I even stuck the “I heart Threadsence” pins to my (erms?) to show my support. Anyways, I think we had about 10 different dishes throughout the course of the evening. We all left in giant food comas and still managed to drag our crazy butts over to Williamsburg for a night of dancing. Why? I really don’t know. Let’s just say I was happy to crawl into bed that night and finally sleep!

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83 Responses to My Night of Butterflies

  1. A says:

    that butterfly dress looks soooo cute. it looks amazing on you!

    great pictures. that messy bun is something that i definitely want to create 🙂

    looks like you had a fantastic time! thanks for sharing the pictures!! 😀


  2. StripedVibe says:

    I love all of the sparkly dresses! It was really nice of you to post such wonderful pictures. I also really like your butterfly dress, it really reminds me of Summer, yet it’s really elegant.

  3. Keit says:

    Wow, who do I have to kill to get this dress ? ? ? ? I’m in love with floral and butterfly prints…there’s something very girly in it, that it’s not too much girly (glitter puking girly like) but still… girly enough. (Over usage of the word girly)


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