Allure Magazine: The Floral Pant

There I am, featured in the latest March ’12 issue of Allure Magazine! It’s still so weird for me to see myself in magazines! I do clearly remember this chilly morning, out shooting by the Standard Hotel in the Meatpacking district. My gorgeous sister, Dylana, was also in town and snapped some fun behind-the scenes shots around the hotel room. Of course, we were acting silly while getting dressed! This girl keeps me sane and always makes me feel at home on any shoot! Munching on croissants, trying to wake up early that morning, we had lots of laughs with the Allure magazine team. They’re the sweetest! My feature in the magazine consisted of styling these super rad floral H&M trousers. Because of the crazy print, I kept everything very easy and simple. A classic sheer button-down is my staple, along with a motorcycle leather jacket and bootie heel. With these pieces at hand, I never have to think when getting dressed. I really do feel that the least over-accessorized looks are my best, and I always just feel more me. Funny, I haven’t even picked up this issue just yet, only seen it online..but I’m getting there, I promise! 🙂

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110 Responses to Allure Magazine: The Floral Pant

  1. A says:

    congratulations on the feature!!
    you look amazing and i love the floral pants!

    why do you and your sister both have to be so amazingly cool and adorable??


  2. Kathleen says:

    eep congrats girl!! i love perusing through Barnes & Noble and pointing out to whoever I’m having coffee with, “I know her!!” 🙂 And omgg, I am coveting your floral now on a forever search to find them in H&M 🙂

    <3, Kathleen.

  3. Nancy says:

    Amazing feature!! =) You are rocking those pants.
    AND…I have to say, having you leave a comment on my blog seriously put a smile on my face. The dorky side of me is beyond thrilled. Thx! =)

  4. Megan Solla says:

    wow! the feature is awesome but i really love your styling!! i’m the same way with simple styling also. you and your sister are the cutest things ever, you make a great team. if were you, i’d already have the issue kept safely in my bookcase!! haha


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