Here I am standing in front of this giant billboard of me for Volcom Brand Jeans, right on Main Street, in none other than SURF CITY: Huntington Beach, California. So unreal! Only later did I even notice my name was printed on the wall as well. I love you VOLCOM sooo sooooo unbelievably much. They’re one brand that I’ll always call “family.”

Be sure to see all my Volcomunity posts and stay tuned as I give you updates on the upcoming “Natalie Suarez for Volcom” Fall and Holiday ’12 design collaboration! xx

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101 Responses to SURF CITY

  1. Rachel says:

    Wow, that is amazing!

    I love your ads for them in NYLON and the stuff you wear on your blog from them always looks amazing, you collaborate of beautiful collections!

    I’m going to check out the site, as all the clothes I usually wear are rather classic British and work great here in London, but when I’m living in California I really want to mix my style up a bit!

  2. liveonbeauty says:

    so nice natalie! congratulations, i think it might be an amzing feeling to walk around and see a beautiful ad like this one! very nice! and the colored jeans is just gorgeous!

  3. Johanne Strickland says:

    WOAH – how did I miss the fact that you’re going to Copenhagen?? I live there! Would be completely stoked to meet up *suchafangirl*
    Anyway, give me a buzz at cjf3400[at]hotmail[dot]com if you’d like to meet a Scandinavian fan 🙂


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