Sea Green

(Mango leather jacket, 2020 Ave blouse, Isabel Lu skirt, Vintage Versace bag)

I was walking to 3rd Street Promenade when I came across this amazing green garage. The shade is soo bright…it’s like a sea foam green, one of my favorite colors. I demanded my friends to stop and take some photos in front of it. Kicking up my heels and acting goofy with Dylana and Shamime, we got some really fun, energetic shots. I actually wore this outfit the night previously, before crashing at my friend’s place in Santa Monica..hence the really scruffy hair and wrinkly shirt. I didn’t feel like packing an extra outfit so ended up wearing the same thing the next day (that’s our little secret)! I really should get on top of things like that before going out in public. Maybe then I won’t look like a giant mess! But it may be one of my favorite looks so I’m quite glad I got in 2 days worth of wear and tear on it! I’m already obsessed with this festive little leopard skirt. It’s shimmer makes it a perfect party piece. The super short length, on the other hand, makes my already too long limbs look freakishly more twig-like. Paired with one of my favorite blouses from my blog sponsor, 2020 Ave, I was ready to take on this sunny day by the coast…even if I could use a wash!

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121 Responses to Sea Green

  1. Ashley Rae says:

    I absolutely love that skirt on you! I can’t seem to pull of skirts like that. My hips are too big and it makes me look much curvier. But not in a good way! It looks perfect on your frame.


  2. alice san says:

    OMG! i just love this post! it’s feature you and you sister! hehe:) and how looooong was you legs! i want have it too! hahaha:D and the green background was coool! 🙂 nice weather:)


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