Rise and Shine

(Volcom cardigan, Gilt Groupe tee, Jewelmint necklace)

I’m up bright and early, watching the sun rise from my porch. I’ve got a super long day ahead of me and I just wanted one moment to sit back and relax.With not time to really put any thought into my recent looks, I went with something really basic: leather pants, a black tee, and a printed loose cardigan. But to make it all a bit more pulled together, I added a pop of blue with my new Jewelmint necklace. The silver fringe on this piece is nothing but California cool!

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  1. C A T H says:

    kinda amazes me how you’re able to post an inspirational outfit post EVERYDAY , apart from your modelling and other activities! so organized =0
    fell in love with the colours of this. what stuns me in this post is how this outfit looks so splendid and chic for a morning break!

    Style Hostess


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