Itsy Bitsy Spider

(“Natalie Suarez for Volcom” blouse and vegan leather skirt (in stores June ’12), Volcom leopard jacket)

I’m pleased to introduce “Natalie Suarez for Volcom Fall ’12” WOOHOOO! These are just two pieces out of my collection that I’ve been wearing like crazy (the top comes in another colorway too). Though the entire line won’t be in stores around the world until June, I’m allowed to give you readers a sneak preview! For fall, I’m BIG on this gorgeous bright coral color. And for the blouse, I wanted something just super oversized and very, very square. I can wear this daily, it’s that amazing. And the color is definitely a head turner! This vegan leather skirt has to be one of my favorite items out of the whole collection because it’s just so simple, but still super sexy and rock n’ roll. The extra high waist gives my figure some shape! Here I was caught lolling around Abbot Kinney in Venice…you know, with the itsy bitsy spider, and all. I think everywhere I go, I fall in love with certain walls. This one, with it’s splattered yellow paint and cheeky wall art, made it picture perfect. Throughout these next few months, I will be giving more sneak previews of my designs for Volcom even before our lookbook is out, so stay tuned babes!

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117 Responses to Itsy Bitsy Spider

  1. onbeauty says:

    love this leopard jacket although i now i won’t be able to put my hands in one…
    very nice, i am a big fan, even if i do not comment everyday, i am here, i will always coming back!

    ps. a little bit the cure…”lullaby”

  2. Annalisa says:

    Some months ago I tried a leather Moschino vintage skirt like this was gorgeous..I don’t know why I didn’t buy it.
    Today I went to that boutique to buy it but it wasn’t.
    I felt really stupid because it was a masterpiece and now that I see you with this perfect leather skirt I am sure I ‘ll buy it in June!
    kisses from Italy

  3. Violet says:

    the signature as the tag is so cute! i really wish is coming sooner because im lusting over that skirt!

    the walls in Venice are awesome i love going down there and just walking.


  4. frockingstyle says:

    All your looks are so amazing!
    Your style is chic and stylish but at the same time, so layed back and cool.

    My name’s Kira by the way and I’ve been reading your blog for quite a while now but have never commented.

    Recenlty; in late 2011, I began my own blog as I LOVE fashion and styling. So I am only a beginner at the moment but if you ever have a free chance, please drop by my blog!

    Cheers! x Kira


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