Half and Half

(Havealooook blazer, Blue Bird blouse, J Brand jeans, Vintage Versace bag, Dear Fieldbinder boots, Saint Claude necklace)

This is probably as simple as one can get for an afternoon out soaking in the California sunshine. Behind me is the bike path I take rides through…it’s miles long, a little hilly, and one of my favorite places to go to clear my head. My friends and I love to spend afternoons out there, biking for hours…sweating our butts off. This time, I went out just for a long walk. I love all the open land and endless blue sky. Already, I miss it. Though my life can sometimes be crazy, I live for this type of peace and quiet. I guess you can call the simple life something I crave for whenever I’m in NYC. As for my wardrobe, I like to sometimes just stick with the basics. With a sheer half-and-half dotted button-down, a crisp blazer, and a sweet pair of skinnies, I feel most at ease.

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  1. garde says:

    i like a lot these californian pics. the shirt you wear is very original and the dots give a special touch to the clothes.
    and the rest…very good combination of clothes…


  2. plabs says:

    i live already in such a peaceful place… i love walking in the desert beach with the dog and in the forest, this gives me such a great feeling! it’s incredible how terrible and how good can be to be alone… it depends how is your relation with yourself.
    love the bag.




  3. maggie says:

    That is a beautiful place to go to relax! Living in CA is the best, they have so many little places where one can go to.

    Love your blouse, it is very unique and cute

    xx maggie

  4. C A T H says:

    Simple and splendid Natalie~ partly because it’s paired with those JBrand jeans. That pair looks so great in various posts you’ve made so far Nat!! and you take such relaxed pics. with a story in all of your “off-duty” shoots. love them!!

    Style Hostess

  5. alice san says:

    wooow! it loook perfect too you and of course!wit open land is everyone favorite! everything can be soooo relax when in this kind of place. 🙂
    everything look good n yeah! u rock it girl. 🙂


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