GIVEAWAY: Nectar Clothing Warrior Ring + Maxi Skirt!

As most of you probably noticed, I wear this gorgeous Nectar Clothing warrior ring nearly everyday! Somehow this medieval accessory completes any outfit I have on and always makes me feel like a total “don’t you dare mess with me” badass. Whenever I wear it, someone wants to try it on for themselves hehe! Another year round must-have in my wardrobe? This Nectar Clothing black sheer maxi skirt. It’s classic, minimalistic, and a perfect “throw on and go” piece.

These two pieces have traveled with me everywhere so I’m excited to have teamed up with
Nectar Clothing to host this giveaway!

I will be giving away both a Nectar Clothing warrior ring and sheer maxi skirt to one lucky reader!!

To enter simply:

1. Comment below stating what you’d wear these two pieces with (please leave a valid email address)

2. Like Nectar Clothing on Facebook/ Follow Nectar Clothing on Twitter

3. Like me on Facebook/ Follow me on Twitter to see the winner!!

Good luck everyone! I can’t wait to see one of you guys sporting some of my favorite pieces! This contest will run for one week, until Monday, January 16th!

160 Responses to GIVEAWAY: Nectar Clothing Warrior Ring + Maxi Skirt!

  1. neonchaos says:

    I’m a guy and with that said I would so wear a ring like that just because it is cool and who says you need to be stylish to rock that, I would wear jeans and a nice pattern button shirt.

  2. Kristen says:

    I’d wear the sheer black maxi skirt with a simple sheer chiffon asymmetric hemmed button down and a chunky knit thrown over it for that comfortable look that I love going for. I’d throw on my favorite vintage gold choker and the Nectar Clothing warrior ring with my fave vintage nude coach satchel and be done with it!

  3. Kristen says:

    I’d wear the sheer black maxi skirt with a simple sheer chiffon asymmetric hemmed button down and a chunky knit thrown over it for that comfortable look that I love going for. I’d throw on my favorite vintage gold choker and the Nectar Clothing warrior ring with my fave vintage nude coach satchel and be done with it!
    Woops, forget to leave an email 🙂

  4. charity victoria says:

    That skirt is so sexy, in a subtle way! I would wear it with the leopard print wedges I just got, a white top, and a statement necklace in turquoise. And I would finish the look off with the ring and tousled, messy hair! Would be perfect for a fancy date or going out for drinks with the girls.
    following on twitter @cestlabelle_vie.
    xoxo Charity

  5. simonesays says:

    Seriously these things are straight up the best. For winter, I’d wear this with my heeled desert boots, favourite loose white tee, circle scarf, and beanie. For summer, easy sandals with a loose white camisole and a topknot with a scarf holding my hair back is go to. Oh, and a million more rings, no matter the season. Because even if your ring is the coolest one in the world (which is is), one is never enough.

  6. Unknown says:

    oh both pieces are so gorgeous! i would wear the skirt with tights, ankle boots, soft knit or cashmere and leather jacket in the winter, plain white tee and wedges in the summer – with that ring, my Karen Walker sunnies and messenger bag to accessorize! 🙂
    my email:
    Thanks for the opportunity to win, my fingers are crossed! 🙂

    Bridg (

  7. Tee says:

    1. I’d wear the ring and skirt together with a tight, white tank top, my nude YSL Tribute sandals and a bright color clutch!

    2. I like Nectar Clothing on Facebook, follow Nectar Clothing on Twitter, like you on Facebook & follow you on Twitter!

    Thanks so much!

  8. Bani says:

    I have a loose shear gold tank that would look spectacular with that skirt and ring! I also have a similar pair of boots like in the photo and the ring would look stunning with a L.A.M.B purse I have… it’s black with a little lamb wearing a crown on it… it would totally complete the medieval look!!!

    dani antoinette~*~

  9. wishiwereaudrey says:

    I would team the skirt with a lighter, possibly patterned top, ideally vintage for a great contrasted and edgy look. I think I’d get an awkward tan line from wearing that ring so much, though it would look especially awesome with some earthy tones and chain accessories for an almost lord of the rings vibe.
    Alice xx

  10. Enya says:

    I would wear the ring and skirt combo with a cropped leather top and a longline silk cardigan over the top. Accessorized with all the jewellery I can manage and a vintage messenger bag. Finally, completed with Isabel Marant dickie booties xx


  11. Angie says:

    i’d wear the ring with vampy red polish and sheer maxi skirt with a shearling jacket over it (think punny: sheer-ling!) since it’s a bit chilly and layer on multi chain necklaces with a sweetheart neckline top! then complete the look with a bold red lip and chunky ankle boots!

    email: pandaphilia1 [at] gmail [dot] com

  12. By Sara Romero says:

    That ring is so bad ass, kinda makes me want creepy long nails (is that weird?) I’d love to wear that skirt with my Jeffrey Campbell buckle wedges and an oversized baby blue crochet crop top. The ring obviously will rock it out and complete my look. What do you think?!

    Following Nectar clothing on twitter (@fakeempirelove) and FB
    Following you on twitter (@fakeempirelove) and FB

    check me out

  13. Hannah says:

    I would wear the ring with a simply outfit! I love wearing bold rings with a tee, jeans, and flats! I would wear the maxi skirt with an oversized sweater tucked in and wear my favorite oxfords!

  14. Celina says:

    i’ve been looking for a ring like that for months! i would wear the ring together with the skirt and a colorful crop top, with a few necklaces and some black boots!
    chippednails777 [a]

  15. Polina says:

    i would wait until the summmer to wear that skirt! i would wear gladiators,and a crop top with some golden pattern on it. jewellery is a must as well. in particular, that ring, which is so cute!
    Thanks for this giveaway xxxx

  16. Irene (Josslight089) says:

    HI! Thank u for this giveaway! 🙂
    I like the hippie chic look! and I would wear this beautiful sheer maxi skirt with a white blouse and accessories that represent a lot of color! with gladiator sandals and super cool sunglases, I love Ray Ban Wayfarer! 🙂
    and to the Nectar Clothing warrior ring I like the bohemian chic look!

    FB: Joss Alvarado
    Twitter: josslight089

    I follow you on FB, Twiiter and Nectar Clothing too! 😀

    Thank u! 🙂

  17. cathy. says:

    I would probably pair the skirt with a colourful loose fitting tank and my new dr martens. The ring would get thrown on every day with mostly every outfit!

    x (at) gmail (dot) com

  18. Candy and Treats says:

    I would wear them with a neon pink tank top and a black sheer top over it. Add black penny loafers with leopard details and a big necklace and that’s it for me 🙂

    FB: Liesbeth Van Vynckt
    twitter: @candyandtreats
    e-mail: candyandtreats(@)

  19. Luna S says:

    since I like to keep things casual, I’d wear this with my over-worn white converse and a slouchy gray tank since it’s hot in Singapore all year, my leather side-bag from a Paris flea market studded with coins from all over the world, and a gold cuff!


  20. Thrift Addict says:

    Both items are so gorgeous; I would wear them together in the same outfit. I’d wear my black mid-calf biker boots, the skirt, a white men’s t-shirt tucked in, my large leather button earrings, hair up in a messy bun, my small silver & jade bracelet my friend sent me from Afghanistan, my braided leather bracelet with silver rivet studs, and the ring. My nail polish color would be the burgundy I’ve been wearing all season. If I got cold, I’d throw on my black fitted menswear jacket; it’s very warm.

    My email is:

  21. Jessamyn Read says:

    I’d wear the maxi with my black box jumper, ASOS Chelsea boots with bare legs and nude makeup. But if I had the choice of anything I’d wear a silk sleeveless and collarless blouse, hair pilled high on my head with gold rings and platform (heeled) black pumps for my more admired chic look.
    Fantastic giveaway!
    Followed and liked all the things mentioned!

  22. Naina says:

    The ring – I’d wear with a white suit combo, with a metallic golden top under the blazer.
    The skirt – I’d wear with a leather jacket for a tough biker chic-esque look, but with a satin bow top for a more feminine feel (a combo which you always get right!)

  23. Christina Wonsbeck says:

    i’d throw on a chunky knit and a pair of wedges or boots (bacause its cold i denmark)..
    hope you pick me, because I have always wanted a black sheer maxi skirt !! 🙂

    have a nice day, and thanx for a great giveaway!


  24. Renata says:

    Olha eu a comentar em Português ahaha ambas as peças me fazem lembrar inevitavelmente a tua pessoa e este blog, por isso eram perfeitas para integrar o meu armário!

    Nome: Renata Silva
    O meu email:

  25. Lubna says:

    I’d wear the ring with a pair of leather black leggings, purple pumps, and a a navy or black loose tank top. My ideal outfit of a birthday that’s coming up next month 🙂

    The skirt would probably go with a sheer black tank top to give an effect of a maxi dress & some tan gladiators, of course in spring 🙂
    Followed both links on FB as ‘Elle Vox’, and on Twitter as ‘Ellevoxblog’. 🙂


  26. evinvisible says:

    Gosh this is one of the best giveaways ever! rings are my favourite accessories and I’ve never worn a sheer maxi skirt before.
    I’d wear the ring with a boho-chic outfit (short jeans + oversized t-shirt + cool shoes + hat ). As for the sheer maxi skirt, I would wear it with an oversized sweater, a hat, some cool accesories and heeled shoes or these kind of shoes : Thank you, Natalie 🙂

  27. Sophie says:

    I would wear the maxi skirt with my cream lace vest tucked in and my long knitted burgundy jumper-cardigan, and the chunky-heeled ankle boots I just got from Urban Outfitters and the warrior ring to add an edge!

    Or to wear separately – ring: with everything, I wear rings everyday, so I could try layering rings with it.
    maxi skirt – with a black jumper and gold geometric dangly earrings.


  28. Sophie says:

    I would wear the warrior ring with everything, because I love rings and wear them all the time. I might try layering it with other rings, although smaller otherwise I think my hand would drop off!

    I would wear the maxi skirt with a loose black long-sleeved top tucked in, and my silver round pendant with the Acne Atacoma Wedges which look diviiiine, to make a kind of dressed up but not too fussy kind of look!
    (wedges –
    Thanks and happy new year!

    email –

  29. Piia says:

    I’d probably wear the skirt with a corset top and a cool necklace. The ring seems to go with everything, so I would wear it with basically everything:)
    Followed you both on twitter .
    pounpuu at gmail dot com

  30. La rosa de Juliette says:

    I love to take the maxi skirt with a military green jacket with a collar ethnic prints and not very long, and the drawing of a frog necklace with turquoise back or a golden pulpit.Or better yet! With a double-collar in the form of pica-yes, the French playing cards. And the last idea as pendants: A four-leaf clover, the leaves of amber and gold belt. And to my feet or a peacock style Martens loafers or maroon color (<3 ~). Of course also the ring, two bracelets on her left hand along with a clock Etxart & Panno, ivory dial and silver strap links. The bracelets would be finite … The minimum expression also silver. Combing braids would be a couple, with the intention of making bangs and curly hair behind. As would a pair of earrings pearls. Makeup lipstick and eyeliner only on the eyelid. My email is mireia.garrote @ Natalie, I really love your outfits! ~ Even though your figure is very nice, it’s sad that I’m short and not so slender as you, but I’m still >///<, growing season because I am young. Thanks again for making such a difficult task such as updating a blog often with fresh ideas and beautiful compositions. Kisses, and hopefully I win!

  31. laura says:

    well,if that ring was mine,i’ll wear this ring with my short yellow skirt and my orange coat.actually,i’ll wear it with everything i have in the closet.the blaaack dress i think i’ll wear it with my rockish blaaack jacket ;))
    thanks and maybe i’ll have these 2 pieces for my birthday on 16th January..haha

  32. fruti says:

    First of all can I just say how much I love your blog, i recently found it and have been looking through it every night!

    I would pair that maxi skirt with a grungy tee and myfave cream belt along with some doc martens preferably my maroon ones.

    For that ring I’m thinking of dark skinnies with a flowy top and a bowler hat.

    Thanks a ton 🙂

  33. Yasmeen says:

    Following and liked everything 😛

    I would love to wear that ring with a handful of my other antique gold rings. Those are pretty much the only kinds of rings I own so it would fit right in 😀

    And the skirt would be layered with a long skirt dress (possibly striped) and chunky wedge boots, black.

    Hope I win 😀 Thank you for hosting Natalie!

    Castle Fashion

  34. WearAbouts says:

    I did all the FB stuff, cause i don’t have twitter! WOW. i don’t know WHAT I wouldnt wear those with! I mean, just wearing them ALONE WITH NOTHING ELSE would be quite enough don’t you think? love the statement ring, and as for the skirt? I can totally see that with a silk scarf and stripes for a parisian look or with a grungy moto jacket for a more rocker look. God, i WANT these! <3

  35. giakaylee29 says:

    i could wear the two items together! and i could actually wear them separately, with so many pieces. they’re very versatile! but first, i think i’d wear the skirt with a plain v-neck cotton tee and black biker boots with the ring as my only accessory!

  36. Chesley Carele says:

    Hi Natalie!!

    I’m so in love with the sheer skirt and ring! I would definitely add a softer touch with a feminine chiffon button up blouse, a cropped leather jacket (in a different color other than black) and insane heeled booties!

  37. Mew Chawalit says:

    These are great pieces! <3 I would wear the ring with my favorite pair of shorts and tights, a little ripped up, and piled on with at least 6 other rings, a stack of bracelets, big earrings, and a long necklace. Then, a loose sheer black top, and my trusty pair of lace-up boots. 🙂 The skirt would go well with my platform boots and a nice casual top, along with a studded denim blazer on top.

  38. Мери says:

    gorgeous ring and skirt. I’d probably wear the ring with a necklace I have that will match perfectly, skinny jeans,biker black booths and black and white striped t-shirt. The skirt I would wear with a black t-shirt with some colors on it or a black sheer shirt with buttons and again black biker boots.

    I hope I am the lucky one.


  39. angela says:

    i’d pair the skirt with my black mohair sweater with my tan asos boots and a vest.
    i’d pair the ring with a hole-y tan sweater over a white button up paired with mauve lace shorts from uo, with combat boots, accessorized with a collection of my rings and my favorite jewelmint necklace

  40. Odelia Kaly says:

    I’d wear the skirt with either my brown cashmere button-up-turtleneck-collar shirt (that’s kind of a bad description but you can see what it looks like here: or a blouse (printed or otherwise) and my blue and green flannel thrown over it with the sleeves rolled up. I would of course be wearing my leopard print Chuck Taylors with either option, as well as that freaking awesome ring.

    I followed/liked all the pages!

    Odelia Kaly

  41. says:

    Ah! I used to have the exact same ring when I lived in France last year and somehow I lost it AND it’s replacement. I used to wear it with everything! But it might be fun to wear it with something unexpected, like a loose, pastel hued tent dress with a lil’ leather jacket thrown over it and a pair of buckled booties.

    <3 Jenny

    jenny (at) jennybagel (dot)com

  42. Andrea Oh says:

    I’d love to wear the ring and chiffon skirt paired with a simple crop leather jacket and a cropped pullover sweater with a statement necklace. for the shoes, i’d wear simple black boots (similar to those that are all the rage from rachel comey)

    – andrea

  43. emma k says:

    I’m going to Spain this summer, so I’ll need to keep my knees covered in the Cathedrals and museums. The black maxi skirt with a simple white tank tucked in, a colorful (purple?) scarf, and some chunky stoned earrings would be perfect! As for the ring, I could see myself wearing that everywhere 🙂 Very tough, no?

  44. Meena Dhuga says:

    wow awesome giveaway 🙂 loooveee the ring, hmmm i think i would wear the ring with an asian printed drop waist dress and some black ankle boots , and the maxi skirt with with a metallic army green knitted slouchy jumper (tucked in at the front) and some buckled brown boots.

    my email is :

    meena xxx

  45. x says:

    I would wear the skirt with a fluor yellow knit and my vintage denim shirt! I would probably use the ring along not necessarily for the styling but for the excitment of winning this giveaay! Shoes would probably mean my h&m black boots and bag would be my beige suede hobo bag that my bestfriend brought me from argentina!

  46. marieclaire says:

    I would pair the warrior ring and sheer maxi skirt with a soft cream knitted top, my quilted black topshop leather jacket, gold pendant necklace and gold bangles, cream/red/purple floral scarf and depending on the weather either wedge chelsea snakeshin wedge boots or sandal wedges

  47. Carlota says:

    I would wear the skirt with an top with American flag underneath, JC boots and a black leather jacket. Acessories: the beautiful ring of course *-* and a little cross necklace

    If you want a better ideia, imagine with this pieces:

    top with American flag:
    JC boots:
    black leather jacket:
    cross necklace:
    (Images from Polyvore and H&M)

    Name: Carlota



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