City Cat

(Calico coat, A+RO sweater, J Brand jeans, Mango bag, Samantha Willis long necklace/chunky rings, Dr. Marten shoes)

HAPPY NEW YEAR lovebugs! May 2012 be extremely beautiful: full of good health and prosperity! I celebrated with my friends here in California. Hopping to a few of my friends’ parties on the Westwide, I was totally brought back into the laid back Cali lifestyle. Everywhere we went, there was SO MUCH FOOD. Nothing you’d consider healthy either. Diddy Reese cookies (a west coast legend) and many random foods took over the kitchen table…we’re talking baklava, cheese, wine, and crackers. Let’s just say it was one night of really good company and REALLY full bellies. I couldn’t have asked for a better way to celebrate new years eve! And our wardrobes were far from anything labeled “winter.” I think most of us were sporting denim cut-off and blouses this past weekend. My love for winters in Cali continues…

Of course in NYC, my lifestyle and clothes are the complete opposite. First off, I walk everywhere in the city (hence the Docs). And this may be really weird, but I have TWO of these coats. I have one in red, and of course this amazing forest green one from Calico. I don’t think my closet will accommodate any more furry-like coats. With no need to sport any of these pieces here in LA, I’ve left them all back in NYC. SoCal weather currently feels like summer and if I went out wearing a coat, people would most likely call me crazy. Oh, and have I told you that Docs have secretly always been on my mind? When I stumbled upon this perfect leopard pair, I freaked. Little touches of leopard always brighten up any look…and they’re amazing for walking (and dancing). Snapped in Soho before curling up in the warmth of a tiny boba shop in Chinatown, I was feeling like a pretty cool cat.

In just over a week I will be back on the east coast…only to get prepared for more travels. Where’s the airborne?!

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152 Responses to City Cat

  1. onbeauty says:

    i’ve said already i could never live just on heels! if u dont have a driver u cannot live on heels… impossible!
    i like the coat…
    ps. have fun in california!

  2. Lizzie says:

    Gahhh great shoes lady!! How you always seem to look so cool and gorgeous at the same time is beyond me 🙂

    Here’s to a great 2012!


  3. maggie says:

    As always, looking great! I love your shoes, they are so fun 🙂
    NorCal is freezing! I heard it’s still in the 70’s down south… lucky! Happy new year 🙂

    xx maggie

  4. Cindy says:

    happy 2012!
    your docs are amazing. never seen ones like that before. docs have really hooked me hard recently too. i just tracked down the exact pair i had in 7th grade. vintage heeled 8-holes in black off ebay and i’m in love.


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