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Frosty Morning

(Hallelu sweater, Joie coat, Athropology beanie)

Before hopping into a van early yesterday morning in Amsterdam heading for the ECCO leather tannery, I had to take one quick run to the canal…just to see how pretty it was. I love super brisk mornings and this one in Amsterdam was just stunning. Somehow it didn’t get bright until late in the morning. The sky was that gray. And no surprise, it’s freeeezing here! I threw on this adorable little beanie to keep my ears warm, while piling on layers of knits under my giant coat. Our ride to the tannery was pure bliss. I finally caught a little snooze while being plugged into my Ipod. It doesn’t get any better than that! Right now, I’m in Copenhagen! I’m so jetlagged, I don’t even know how we got here (can you image I forgot what day it was yesterday?) But after a night of deep sleep, I finally feel refreshed to start the day here. Stay tuned for more updates on my travels!

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Hello There Amsterdam!

(Romwe sweater, Juicy Couture coat, J Brand jeans, Marie Turnor bag, ECCO boots)

I am now in Amsterdam, working with ECCO shoes, and I am already whisked away into my own little dream land. It’s absolutely beautiful here. I flew in from NYC overnight and arrived here first thing this morning. With no time to spare, the ECCO group, along with my good friend Christina and I, hit the city streets. Footsteps from our hotel are the canals and tiny narrow streets. Though we all flew in from NYC completely exhausted, we immediately freshened up in our hotel before packing up on caffeine to get us throughout the day. If you can’t tell by my photos…it’s veeerry cold here! That of course, did not stop us from stopping and taking numerous photos around every street corner. Escaping back to our rooms for a little nap before cabbing it to a gorgeous palace style dinner, I feel as if we’re in this amazing European dream. I love this city and it’s beauty! Getting to be here with Christina is awesome. She’s my little partner in crime when it comes to exploring a new city. Bundled up in layers and layers of clothing, we hopped from cafe to cafe before jumping knee-deep into a giant Dutch clog. Talk about awesome 🙂

I have just this night here in Amsterdam before taking off to Copenhagen tomorrow for the ECCO “Walk in Style” event and I’m so stoked. For this trip, I’ve literally packed all of ECCO’s shoes. They’re sooo comfortable and the epitome of European chic. Here I’m wearing a great pair of flat ankle boots. The rubber soles are pure genius. I could walk for miles in these babies! Also, I’ve been sporting a super thick sweater and coat to keep warm. But I’m feeling adventurous and thinking of sporting something a little more exciting these next few days in Denmark! My mind is a bit scattered right now, as I’m running on barely any sleep, but I can’t wait to share more stories with you on my European travels!

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(Nicole Miller Artelier blouse, Big Star (find them here!) faux leather jeans, Marie Turnor bag, Forever 21 scarf, Vintage black coat, Kork-Ease boots)

EEE! A finger-numbing, cold afternoon this was! But I took off my wool coat just for you. How could I not when I’ve got this rad Nicole Miller Artelier blouse on? Check.MATE. I’m obsessed with this sketched print along with the hot pop of blue from the back. Straight off the Spring ’12 runway, it can’t get any cooler. And I’m a huge fan of these faux leather jeans. They’re by Big Star, whom I’ve shot their latest denim campaign for! It’s a bit weird, but I’ve been wearing these everyday this week, as are all of my friends (I need to get a photo of everyone wearing them at once). I think both Claire and I were wearing them this day as we strolled through Chinatown. They really are a huge hit here in the city. Everywhere I go, it’s liquid legs GALORE. I’m packing these guys. You’ll see my stomping the streets of Europe with them next week…look out.

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To Amsterdam and Copenhagen with ECCO!

Bold brights by Nicole Miller


ECCO shooooes 🙂

my “Natalie Suarez for Volcom” Fall ’12 designs!

Estée Lauder essentials (Resilience Lift face and eye cream) and Marie Turnor leather handbags

This weekend I’m off to Amsterdam and Copenhagen, working with ECCO during their “Walk in Style” Europe event. I’m in love with their leather and cannot wait to visit their giant leather factory and see how it’s all done! We have two days in Amsterdam before taking off to Copenhagen for a week of fashion show fun. But for now, all I can think about is what to pack! I’m beyond excited. Getting to travel with my good friend Christina may be the best part! Together, we always have a jolly good time!

I’ve snapped a few shots of what I think I’ll be throwing in my suitcase. I’ve got some bold hues from Nicole Miller, lots of vintage and leather, and of course my “Natalie Suarez for Volcom” collection pieces which I’m stoked to bring over to Europe! Last minute, I’m bound to throw in great pair of skinnies, knitted sweaters, two good coats, and a scarf. Apparently it will be very chilly! Gahhh, so happy to explore a new place. My travel posts are always my favorite! xx

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