Rustic Hills

(MiH Jeans tunic, Mango leather jacket, Volcom Brand jeans, Vintage Versace bag, Dolce Vita from Dear Fieldbinder boots)

Whenever I’m home, I always make sure to hike up in the Palisades to my favorite spot, Will Rogers Park. With it’s open fields of green grass and endless rows of trees, it’s really a California dreamland. Just being outdoors feels amazing. I don’t think I’ve gotten this much sun exposure in a while! The rustic, western setting and beautiful ocean views at the top of the hills get me inspired every time I make the hike. Wearing a worn-in denim tunic, some of my favorite Volcom jeans, and a beanie thrown on last minute, I nuzzled up to horses and ran around the yard foolishly with my arms spread out (pretty refreshing). By the way, I’m totally crushing on beanies and I don’t know why I haven’t brought them back with me to NYC. They are for sure on my “things to-pack” list. For now, I’m soaking in the SoCal sunshine and enjoying every minute of it.

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  1. onbeauty says:

    hi natalie! love the jacket and the boots!!! really nice! and this place is just stunning, i love big cities but to find my interior peace i need to be on the beach…
    lovely ranch!

  2. garde says:

    great pics. love the 6th. your style is unique. you must be one of the best models of the universe…. you express a lot in each pic…
    love your blog

  3. akiko says:

    I always love the shade of your pictures. It’s so dreamy and different. All the photos are so gorgeous as always and glad to hear you’re here in CA! We’ll have a great weather for a couple of days through new year 🙂 xo akiko
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