Paint it Black

Without realizing it, I stepped outside in giant, oversize layers. I guess when it’s cold out, THE BIGGER THE BETTER. I can wear this Joie coat over just about anything! I covet this label as it’s bohemian and classic all at the same time. Not to mention, it’s oh-so-perfect for just about anything and everything. Here I am snapped early one morning during a weekend in Philly. What I love about weekends is the fact that I don’t have to dress for anyone…not for castings, not for work, not for events. And they’re normally the clothes I love most. For weekends like these, I always just grab whatever I see first and stuff them into a small carry-on bag. Messy, thrown together looks just kind of happen. Here I went a bit gothandidontgiveashit by throwing on a cropped knitted sweater, a very sheer black maxi skirt, along with a great pair of nubby tights complete with my favorite scruffy boots. Phewww, layering is well, exhausting, especially when you want to write about it. But as I’m home for the holidays in LA, you’ll find me in quite the opposite. Lightweight cardigans and big floppy hats are dominating my wardrobe at the moment (THANK YOU WEST COAST WEATHER) and I’m loving how everything just did one big flip flop. Coming up? A little bit more sunshine and color.

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  1. Katie says:

    You look stunning! You have one hell of a pair of boots! Even though you say it’s thrown together it doesn’t look it! I understand though, cosy layers are the best for those days when you can have a bit of time to yourself.

  2. garde says:

    incredible pics. i like a lot the first, you are in this like a ancient actress….really i hope you work a lot like a model because you impress me a lot in each post

  3. onbeauty says:

    hi natalie! really like the combination maxi skirt+ biker boots, really nice! hope the last week of 2011 its being nice to you!
    have a nice evening!
    it’s almost new year’s eve!

  4. joaninha says:

    After spotting your Rebecca Minkoff Cupid bag from a few photos I have to admit I’m utterly gobsmacked by the color. It’s absolutely gorgeous. Is there any chance that you remember what the name of the color was? (Honestly I don’t think I’ve ever been so besotted with a color of a bag.) Is it oxblood or a different color? THANK YOU if you reply. 🙂


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