NEW IN: The Alex & Eli “Natalie” Holiday Blazer!


So here we have it: The “Natalie” Alex & Eli holiday blazer! Collaborating with the NYC designers felt only natural as I’m a huge tailor freak and I love blazers, trousers, and blouses. After our tailor session, Anna, Aja, and I got right to work in the garment district. We chose the classic Alex & Eli cut: a slim, slightly longer fit. With the tailor, we got the pieces all laid out. Yes, those pieces of paper represent each piece of the blazer with measurements from the shoulders down to the arms! Getting to work right in the design studio really opened my eyes to the world of designing and already, I’m in love with the whole process! After having the blazer cut and put together, our seamstress hand sewed the final touches to the blazer, like the silky buttons. To add a few personal quirks to the blazer, we will have a little horse charm attached to the lapel (I have a weird love for horses) as well as the quote “On Duty!” sewn inside the blazer. Talk about charming! I wear this blazer soo much now. It’s just perfect for everyday and it always looks classic and chic. After all the hard work, I’m excited to show the stellar result!!


Buy the blazer HERE!
Once ordered, it’s sent to the tailors right here in NYC to be custom-made for you!

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