My Muse and Best Friend: Dylana Suarez

Meet my best friend, muse, and most importantly, my big sister, Dylana Suarez of the fashion blog, Color Me Nana! This girl is extraordinary and I love her SOOO MUCH! I tell all about how much this beauty inspires me here on VOLCOMUNITY!

74 Responses to My Muse and Best Friend: Dylana Suarez

  1. Lisa says:

    I absolutely love you two, you seem so free spirited and creative! And she looks so much like you… gorgeous! Loving how she combined a cropped sweater with a long button down blouse… I never manage to pull that off.

    Love, Lisa

  2. leyla. says:

    sisterly love is always sweet! i just had to say goodbye to my big sis, who was visiting us from germany and is on her way back. i only get to see her once a year, but we always have the best time when we do see each other 🙂


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