Israel Travels: Tel Aviv Fashion Week!

(Bar III blazer, Pavonine jumper, Matt Bernson shoes, Rebecca Minkoff bag, Ax + Apple necklaces)

Ocean View from my hotel!

This is my little nugget/ travel buddy Jenni Lee!

Ishtar, an Israeli designer that I LOVE. Making a surprise runway appearance in her show today!

Woooweee, okay, so it’s 6 am here in Tel Aviv, Israel and after a long night out, I’m up and of course on here, looking through my travel photos! I was flown out to Tel Aviv for their first ever fashion week and so far, it’s been absolutely amazing. I arrived Monday morning at around 6 am, checked in the hotel, and honestly 1 hour later, was seated at my first show at the tent. Everything has been super professional and I’ve already seen SO many wonderful runway shows! After watching 5 shows in one day, my friends and I literally just want to plop a squat 2 seconds away on the beach. Speaking of which, I’ve already met so many wonderful people through this trip. Some from NYC whom I’ve traveled with, and some from London! I feel lucky to have gotten along so well with the others traveling for TLVFW. Not only have we been attending the shows, we’ve also been given the opportunity to visit the designer’s studios…taking us into the real world of Israel. Getting to speak with the Israeli designers on a more personal level is so wonderful because we learned a lot more about their culture, their country, and how Tel Aviv is this one place where they can really escape and create, live their dreams… given a lot more freedom. I’m excited to learn more about Israel and really get a feel for this country and it’s people. I have many more stories to tell, and many show photos to post up (can you say Roberto Cavalli?) so stayed tuned!!

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122 Responses to Israel Travels: Tel Aviv Fashion Week!

  1. Asia says:

    Love the pictures!! I think it is awesome that you are trying to get as much {culturally} from the experience as possible. I think we all have preconceived notions about the middle east and you are lucky to be able to experience what it is really like first hand. I know I don’t think fashion when I think middle eastern culture. Thank you for sharing this opportunity with us it really has allowed me to view the country in a different light.

  2. ♥Run With Fashion♥ says:

    Love your necklace, your blazer vest and looove your bag! ♥
    loove the motorcycle, love the color of it ♥ and loove the ocean view, very beutiful! ♥
    Love your rings as well 😀
    I have been to Israel when I was 6 or 7, I have relatives there. 🙂
    Loved the pictures 🙂

    -Eliza 🙂

  3. leyla. says:

    when i look for inspiration i love to look at street style fashion around the world and tel aviv is always one of the many cities i enjoy drawing inspiration from. must be an amazing experience. enjoy and can’t wait to see more!

  4. Arden says:

    Hey! I loved Israel so much that I decided to live there. It truly is such a beautiful country and it is so amazing seeing it through your always beautiful photography. I hope you enjoy the rest of your stay, and come back next TLVFW! xoxo

  5. Rona says:

    I spent time in Israel, studying abroad and also on vacations. I think it is so exciting that you were able to attend Tel Aviv’s first fashion week! I hope that you enjoyed your time there, Israel is a beautiful country!

    Thanks for sharing these pictures and I look forward to seeing more!


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