GIVEAWAY: Custom-Made DISCO PONY “Natalie” Dress

Looking at these images make me totally miss Barcelona. My week in Spain back in March was definitely one of the best weeks in my life! Barcelona is one of the most amazing cities I’ve ever visited. It’s also the place where I made one of my very best friends, Zoey Bittleston of the blog Make Shift Model! Not only is Zoey sweet, smart, and a fantastic singer, she’s also designer to DISCO PONY, a gorgeous line of one-of-a kind pieces revolving around all things sparkly! During my stay in Barcelona, I got to sport her stunning gold backless mini-dress. Because I loved it so much, Zoey named it the “Natalie”! It’s one of those pieces that’s perfect for any fall event you have lined up, and REALLY wonderful for the holidays! Perfect for dancing DISCO DISCOOOO CHOO CHOOOOO:)

Starting today, I’ve collaborated with Zoey in giving away a custom-made DISCO PONY “Natalie” Dress to one lucky reader!

To enter simply:

1. Comment below stating how you would style the DISCO PONY “Natalie” dress (with a valid email address)

2. Like DISCO PONY on Facebook & Twitter/ Follow Make Shift Model

3. Like me on Facebook

Available in 3 different lengths: the super mini (seen on me), mini midi, and midi (to knee). Whatever you choose, it will be made specially for you by Zoey!

Good luck everyone! The giveaway will last 1 MONTH! So you have until November 10th to enter! xx

357 Responses to GIVEAWAY: Custom-Made DISCO PONY “Natalie” Dress

  1. Piia says:

    I’d wear it to my school’s Christmas ball. Even though I wasn’t planning to go, if I had that dress, I’d go and steal the spotlight 🙂 haha 🙂
    pounpuu at gmail dot com

  2. laxmi says:

    Ahhh (screams**) I love Discopony. I got to know her blog through yours and I love her sequinned dresses and blazers.

    I can think of two ways of wearing this awesome dress. One would be to wear the super mini with nude pumps and nude/beige coloured mac and simple accessories and another would be to totally make it grunge with studded leather jacket, black boots and an envelope clutch.

  3. Beatrice says:

    Love this dress! I’m searching for one exactly like this! I would style it with high heels or platforms (probably black to give contrast). I won’t wear lots of accessories because it may look excessive, and I would give importance to the make up (like red lips or maybe smoky eyes…just one of them)…. But I can also think of a more informal way to wear it!! with ankle boots and a coat (comfortable for the city) 🙂

    BTW, love that you enjoyed your Barcelona trip! It’s my hometown! 🙂
    fbook name: Beatrice Abelenda

  4. GlamorousGirl says:

    Amazing dress! I followed the steps!
    Now,I will probably wear it on NYE with a knee-high dark brown boots and a leather dark brown jacket from United colors of benetton that I bought for myself yesterday! So,excited!
    I hope I win! And in case that happens,I would like the mini midi , please 🙂

  5. Tess says:

    This give away is so crazy, I love the dress! I would wear it with red lips and nails, long hair, a simple and elegant ring, paired with black open toe heels! Simple, but the dress will do the rest 😉 If I’d win, I would like the mini midi 🙂


  6. Zara says:

    It’s just amazing!I’d wear it to my school’s party but in a very simple way maybe with biker boots,red lippy and a big silver ring!
    If i would wear that (or anyone else)all the people who see me would be amazed,it’s a very special dress 😀

  7. Kate says:

    So gorgeous! I’d wear it on Christmas Eve- I go ice skating with family and friends and I’d pair it with big woolly socks peeping above the ice skates (which I’d then change for ankle boots), a long scarf with one half draped over the back and a beanie. Wool and sequins- the perfect mix! I’d also wear grey fingerless long gloves with bracelets up one arm! And if it was really cold, I’d add opaque black tights and a black coat that falls mid thigh- open to show the dress, obviously!
    If I was lucky enough to get it, I’d love the mini midi!

  8. kiki says:

    WOW, amazing dress! And the back of the dress, SPEECHLESS! This dress is so perfect to wear with christmas, new year, to start 2012 super glamourous, or a cool party this fall! I would wear it with or without tights, dark red on the lips and dark red or black details. I’m leaving Holland november 11, for an internship in London. This dress would be perfect to wear in London on a special party!

    I already follow you on twitter en like you on facebook. I’m gonna like Disco Pony on facebook right now. If she can make a dress like this, she’s worth following.

    XOXO Kiki

  9. Michelle Elaine says:

    I LOVE SEQUINS! SO honestly I would try working this dress into every outfit everyday if possible! One day would be more Nicole Richie-esque with black opaque tights, simple black pumps and the outfit is done. But then I’d also try to sneak it into day time wear with a chunky knit sweater and some boots. Or even possibly wear a a full length maxi skirt and trench. Oh the many many ways I would wear this baby!!

    Michelle Elaine


    P.S. like & following all of the above!

  10. Courtney B says:

    I’d wear it with my pair of ankle boots that are kind of like pale beige flat hiking boots, my father’s Fossil watch lined in gold with a emerald green face and a brown leather band and a bright pink lip. I love sequin gold dresses and have been dying to have one! It looks amazing on you but I’m definitely unsure about how it’d look on me.

  11. Alyssa says:

    Fun & done! I’m already following Zoey on twitter and you of course.

    I would prefer the dress in mini midi and would style it with wool tights(since fall is here) and paired with my Chanel tweed jacket. My shoes would be closed toe heel boots. Jewelry would be minimal as to not clash or distract from the sequin dress.

    ~Le Petit Monde

  12. teresiii says:

    Hey natalie 🙂 ever since I saw that barcelona post I’ve been dreaming about that dress! it’s gorgeous!

    If I could have it I would have the mini midi one.

    I would wear it with a black round hat, black studded Jeffrey Campbell’s shoes and a maxi bag with camel and red tones and spanish red YSL lipstick 🙂

    hope you like my ideas .
    come check my blog and give me your opinion. kisses.

    p.s.(i’m sorry if my english is not very good, i’m from portugal and speaking it’s a lot easier than writing…

  13. Caroline says:

    I love this dress. The mini midi would be perfect for winter/holiday parties with a black jacket or blazer layered over it and some black pumps! New Years ever would the perfect night to wear this dress because it commands attention and would be a great way to start off 2012

  14. Terry says:

    I would probably wear it to an audition, just to give myself some pizazz, but balance it out with a sweet jumper and oxfords. I would add a bold red lip to it too!

  15. Celina says:

    ohh it´s so cute… <3 i would die for it… i wear it with high heels of course 😀 but without a jacket. the back is too beautiful . and my hair will i tie up to a beautiful hairstyle. hear in germany called “dutt” 😀 love it XD
    my e-mail is

  16. Jackie N. says:

    This dress is absolutely genius. It sparkles, shines, and relays a fashion statement that no one can deny. Zoey has done an amazing job incorporating glamorous sequins into her pieces for DISCO PONY. The brilliance of this dress speaks for itself and I could only imagine adding simple finishing touches to make a glam outfit. A pair of black platforms, dark rouge nails and lips, and a classy updo should do the trick. You girls are gorgeous thank you for inspiring others with your art of fashion! xx, jackie

  17. kassie says:

    name: Kassie

    I would style the super mini with simple black leather pointed heels to show off a ton of leg. This dress is so sexy that it doesn’t need to much going on with it. Besides, when wearing a dress this showstopping, you don’t want to try to compete with it. Instead, letting it shine is the best option. I would pair it with simple studs in my ears, hair long and tousled, and black nails dipped in gold glitter. For day, I would pair this dress with a heather gray cropped knit, red beanie, black stockings, and a pair of black doc martens. This dress is so versatile and I would DIE to own it. I love sequins and I’ve adored Makeshift Model for a while now. I wish her and you the best of luck in all of your endeavors! 🙂

  18. coffeandpaper says:

    I follow Makeshiftmodel over Google Reader and I don’t use Twitter, otherwise I followed all the instructions!

    I would wear it under a black coat so when I took the coat off it would be like; OH HI THERE, I’M JUST HERE SPARKLING AND BEING ALL AROUND GORGEOUS!

    I would also pair the dress with boots because
    a) This would tone down the look so I could wear it in whatever situation (aka everyday)
    b) Winter’s cold! Let the dress take the spotlight 🙂

    Brown coach bag to bring out the gold, plain headband, and- of course- a swipe of Kate Spade lipstick. 🙂

    sylvia.mary at

  19. Ieva Jankauskaitė says:

    OMG OMG OMG, this dress is super super pretty pretty! And ofcourse I would love to win it! I follow you and Zoey on and with everything and everywhere for quite a long time now:)

    And I would style it with black transparent tights, black suede heels and maybe with a black ribbon on the waist, bounded in the back. Red nail polish. And black blazer for going outside.

  20. Carmen says:

    I would want the super mini and would wear it with red wedges. But would keep the outfit fairly simple as the dress is so beautiful. So would add my leather feather headband! I really love cracked nails, so would have a yellow base coat with black cracked over it!

    Carmen Ri.

  21. ♥ Donna Vitan says:

    It’s pretty hard to outshine this dress; I’d wear it with simple nude platform heels, a few gold bangles and some drop gold earrings. Let the shiny dress shine!

    This is the definition of disco, a very lovely dress! I’ve been looking for a glittery party dress for a while and this would be an amazing addition to my wardrobe! I would definitely wear it to my holiday parties and then, I would have to find new reasons and events to wear it again!

  22. too young for fashion says:

    For the winter I would love to style this dress with black tights, my favorite pair of black wedges. I add the perfect black tote and dark red lips!

    Would love to blog about this wonderful Disco Pony piece as well the gracious giveaway from Natalie off Duty!

    Liked Disco Pony on Facebook & Twitte & followed Make Shift Model

    Liked Natalie Off Duty on facebook via Remy R.


  23. Jade says:

    i loooove the dress!!!
    i will wear the super mini with black high heels and a red lipstick but with a gentle rings, cause she need to speak for her own and i don’t want anything that will distract attention from her.

    big likes!

  24. Angie says:

    i would wear this beautiful sparkling dress to STL Fashion Week (this week!) I would style it with a high pony, a few simple bangles, and wear clear high heels with interesting socks. this is a surefire headturner! i’m inspired by the way you wore a trench over it too, so that’s for the chilly walk to the metro.

    email: pandaphilia1 [at] gmail [dot] com

    i like you two on fb (angela c.) and on twitter (@pandaphilia) and GFC (Angie)

    this is amazing! thanks so much natalie

  25. Kasia M says:

    I would wear it with black pumps, a black clutch and maybe a black jacket/coat depending on the season (just the dress during summer). I wouldn’t wear any jewelry, the dress should be the focus, maybe just tiny ear rings, preferably black. Natural makeup, nice long lashes and lipstick similar to my real lip color. Oh my gosh, this dress is truly amazing! It would be perfect for the annual New Years Ball organized by my uni. I would totally be a star! 😀

  26. Victoria says:

    This dress is absolutely incredible, it’s insane.

    I love mini-dresses and I love sequins so this is perfect. I would definitely wear it to a holiday party like New Year’s. I think I would style it simply since the dress itself is the ultimate accessory. I would pair it with a dark red lip, a simple black boyfriend blazer, some detailed black ankle booties or pumps, but not to overpower the dress, and a fabulous envelope clutch or long chain strap purse.

    Thanks for having this amazing giveaway. 🙂


  27. Caroline says:

    I’m following you and Disco Pony over facebook, Make Shift Model over google fring connect, and you over bloglovin. I couldn’t find Disco Pony on Twitter :S

    My mantra is ‘more is more’, but in this case, I must see myself defeated. That dress is ‘more’, and it needs no ‘more’.

    I would wear it if I my dream comes true and my connections are good enough, so that I can get to Copenhagen FW next season. Any late night shows or parties would just be screaming for this one treasure.
    I would wear a light, beige trench coat over it, and I would bite my teeth together, and ignore the cold turning my annoyingly-thin legs into popsickles.

    I would pair it with a black oversized clutch, that I could hold in one of this seasons “IT ways to carry your bag”:

    And on the bottom of my popsickle legs, would be a pair of black heels with high plateau since the pain in my legs is enough for one night XD They should have a little strap around the ancle, and of course a good attitude and a nice smile tops it all off.

    I would probably ask for the super mini because I’m very petite, but it depends on wether the dress gets alterated to you or not ;D
    Caroline Gudmandsen

  28. Lydia says:

    This dress is amazing!!! I would wear it with my hair in an undone, messy ponytail/updo, a red lip, bare legs, chunky black platforms, and a black Helmut Lang jacket. The draping of the jacket would look amazing with this dress. The mini would look great but I’m kind of feeling the midi mini. I wouldn’t put on any accessories that would distract from the dress, simple and edgy is the way to go. I would seriously wear this dress anywhere, its gorgeous.

    I’m following you and Disco Pony on facebook, but I don’t have a twitter..

    * *

  29. Maniwala says:

    I’d wear the mini midi version to my birthday party, which is in one month (just in time =) ), and would style it with a classic black pair of heels (preferably wedges). That’s all because the dress itself steals the show =)

    I liked you and Disco Pony, and am following her on Twitter =)

    My email is mya_aka_majonez (at) hotmail (dot) com

  30. Jes says:

    I have this awesome adirondak jack in army green. I love the look of green and gold, and grunging up the glamorous dress with a tougher jacket is definitely what this needs. Top knot or loose wavy hair would equally look awesome, and some super high pointy black stilettos or an awesome pair of maryjanes with a funky print. Have you seen those new cat-print litas? How stellaaaa would those look with this outfit. ah the more I write the more I need this dress. if i don’t win it i’m gonna have a hard time waiting 3 weeks to get my order in for this baby.

    xo Jes

  31. Alyssa Wilke says:

    i would definitely go with the super mini pony dress and i would style it by wearing a pair of black pumps accessorized with plenty of spikes on the back ankle. i would keep the jewelry simple as to not take away from the dress and wear a pair of rocker earrings with a statement ring. for makeup i would do nude lips and dark eye makeup. LOVE THIS DRESS!!
    great giveaway!


  32. Miss Lou says:


    I love shinny dresses but this is INCREDIBLEEEEEEE!!!

    I did everything that you ask for! Following in all the sites that you told us before so now, I wish I have LUCK AND I WIN THIS FANTASTIC DRESS!!! BECAUSE I REALLY LOVE IT!!

    My e-mail address is:
    My name: Roser Lou
    My blog:

    And my size: SUPER MINI

    WOWWW If I knew that you came to Barcelona we could meet in some place and show you the city!!! I love my city!! Barcelona is FANTASTIC!


  33. Vivian says:

    Hi!!! Thanks for the giveaway!!!
    Believe it or not, I usually don’t like sparkling dresses, but this time i’m really into this one! It’s the kind of dress that you can style either for morning with a sweater and a pair of ankle boots, or for evening partying with 60s boots or chunky heels!! disco!
    Good luck to everyone and thanks once again!

  34. Cath says:

    You look amazing!

    This Christmas holidays i go to Paris (where lives my boyfriend, i’m from Lisbon) and this dress is perfect for new year’s eve, I would wear the mini midi with sheer black tights, a black vintage hat, a classic black pair of heels, simple accessories and red lips!

    This dress is perfect (for me:))

    Beijos from Portugal*

  35. J D says:

    This dress should be the star – For the holiday season I woud style it with a tuxedo jacket with a gold flower broach as the only jewelry, nude legs, black suede platform heels and a royal blue clutch for a pop of color.

  36. Anna says:

    I feel like I’ve been have so out of the loop, that I have only have just come across you incredible blog. But now I have something else that adds a bit more beauty to my everyday.

    That dress is ahhh-mazing!!! It would bring a rock-star glam to any occasion. To do it justice I would wear with my gorgeous black suede calf-high boots. The soft fabric of the boots would be a great complement to the details of the sequins.

    In hand would be my grandmothers black alligator vintage clutch.

    No jacket needed here, as it is coming up to summer on my side of the world, so I would let the back of the dress do the talking.

    Finishing the look off with my messy bob, nude lips and a flick of black eye liner.

  37. dongala (wanderer) says:

    This dress is just a perfect on its own…
    so i wouldn’t layer on with a lot of other stuffs that would just erase its perfectness..
    So’ If i were to style “the disco pony” dress.. I would roll my hair in a “french Bun”, for the earrings..not a loud big one..just a tiny pearl earring… the dress itself..and a hot black heels!!

    that itself would be awesome!! 🙂

  38. dongala (wanderer) says:

    This dress is just a perfect on its own…
    so i wouldn’t layer on with a lot of other stuffs that would just erase its perfectness..
    So’ If i were to style “the disco pony” dress.. I would roll my hair in a “french Bun”, for the earrings..not a loud big one..just a tiny pearl earring… the dress itself..and a hot black heels!!

    that itself would be awesome!! 🙂

  39. Anita says:

    This dress speaks for itself.
    I would wear my hair in a tightly twisted bun at the crown of my head to show off the deep plunge in the back. A nude colored ring and a gold ring would be all the ice I wore on my hands.
    I would compliment the dress by wearing a pair of nude heels. I know that most people would think to wear black, but I like the idea of letting the dress shine on its own by wearing more subdued colors. Finally, I’d bring a clutch instead of a purse to hold all my belongings (some nude blush, and a killer red lipstick)!

  40. white_remus says:

    Hello~ Beautiful dress❤

    If I got the chance to rock this dress, I would wear it to my fiance and I’s engagement party in December. 🙂 Going home specifically to let everyone know about the engagement and hold the party.

    I would wear it (mini midi) with black suede booties, a vintage black clutch and a vintage black hat that belonged to my great grandma, with black mid-length gloves and a fabulous vintage fur-cuffed coat over (its cold where I’m from).

    It would be EPIC.❤


    With love xoxo

  41. susurrus says:

    This dress is just adorable! I would definitely combine it with something burgundy-colored, like this jacket:

    For this I would wear a few chunky rings , like this:

    And with the shoes I could well imagine beige suede ankle boots.
    Hmm … and the bag … definitely something small. And red lipstick!
    And a big smile in your face, because this dress is all you wanted 🙂


  42. Beauty Nerd says:

    I think the DISCO PONY Natalie dress would be a great for a night out in NYC, have a trip there in two months. I’d pair it with some black shoes and a cute clutch.

    Thanks for having this contest!


  43. wassupokay says:

    Easy kacheesy. I would love to emphasize the sequined and glittery aspect of this dress. It’s so alluring that all eyes should stare at its beauty!!! I would wear a plum lipstick a black pump or with a cute rugged black bootie and call it a night! either put my hair in a bun or keep it loose like yours natalie 😉 I adore this DRESS!!!!!!

  44. M Fernanda Rodriguez says:

    I would definitely go with the super mini pony dress. I would wear it for my 1st year wedding anniversary on the 11th march 2012 and I would keep everything simple: satin red pumps, Swarovski crystal earings, dark eye makeup and black blazer if it’s cold. (
    Wicked dress, awesome give away!

  45. M Fernanda Rodriguez says:

    I would definitely go with the super mini pony dress. I would wear it for my 1st year wedding anniversary on the 11th march 2012 and I would keep everything simple: satin red pumps, Swarovski crystal earings, dark eye makeup and black blazer if it’s cold. (
    Wicked dress, awesome give away!

  46. annyasu says:

    This dress is amazing!! If i were to wear the shorter one, i’d wear it with a pair of black booties like tods or no.6’s, a black blazer, and a black leather purse. If i were to wear the longer version however, i might style it with a black bow belt and wedged black janes.

  47. SmellsLikeSteph says:

    Well, if I were to wear it anywhere it would be… everywhere! I’d end up living in it 🙂

    It’s just that gorgeous, but my mum would probably get mad if I wore it to school hehe.

    Then again, school would probably be the first place I would try to wear it, it has the ability to be classy and striking all at once if you do it however you want it. I’ve always loved gold and navy together so…

    Some sort of dark navy oxford that’s matte would be nice (ooo and with little cutouts like triangles and squares along the laces). And something coral, like lipstick, because any of my jewlery would stand no chance against this dress! Nobody would even notice it because the dress is the spolight! Oh and I’d put coral nail polish on with little white polka dots just to be cute hehe. And the hair would be down and natural, just to keep the look soft enough for school but still dazzling

  48. old/new charm says:

    Followed them on Twitter (@steph_ks) and Blogspot (oldnewcharm).

    I would definitely keep the styling simple because the dress itself is stunning on its own.

    – No jewelry
    – A nude lip (Revlon’s Just Bitten in Instinct)
    – A fitted black leather jacket (Theyskens’ Theory Leather Jacket)
    – Black pumps (Elizabeth and James Magic Platform Pumps)
    – Black clutch (Rebecca Minkoff’s Black M.A.C. with the gold chain)
    – Hair pulled back into a slick ponytail to accentuate the neck and gorgeous back!

  49. ontheverge says:

    styled with the perfect purple platforms that I have yet to find and my new minkoff purple lizard clutch for an overall mardi-gras color theme.
    I will wear her to every holiday party and the seat of honor on my couch for my annual twilight zone/champagne marathon.

  50. EttaGrace says:

    more like, how wouldn’t I style it?
    (for reference, I’m imagining this in the mini or midi mini dress):

    1. with a big old black velvet bow to the super marche

    2. underneath the chunkiest baddest navy blue cardigan to my genomics class

    3. with the tallest, flattest grey suede boots (that I borrowed from my mom) while apple hunting

    4. please girl, i’d wear this in the bathtub I’d be so unwilling to take it off!


    ettagraceshop at

  51. M3K8 says:

    If I was lucky enough to own this dress, I would wear it to my senior prom (shout out to seniors 2012!) and then every oppurtunity after that. I have been looking for a dress like this for a long time now and would put it to great use!

    I would wear it with simple earrings, red lipstick of course, my hair down and big, and colored stilletto heels, prefferably red or green.

  52. Susie says:

    This dress is making me swoon because of it’s beautifulness. I think I would want the mini midi. I would definitely wear it with my black booties and some black bracelets and ring. My hair would be down and curly. So gorgeous!
    My email is

  53. Renata says:

    I’d wear it with motorcycle boots — that’s what I wear with everything, and I think it would give a nice hard edge to this amazing dress! I think it would be great in the midi-length. I should win b/c I’m a Disco Girl — A Scorpion Disco Girl!

    email –>


  54. jessica wu says:

    Man, i fell in love with this dress the first time you wore it! so obsessed with it!

    I would wear this dress with nothing but a black sleeveless wool cape, and platform suede pumps. this dress is enough to shine on its own !

    i’ve done everything too 🙂

  55. The Electric Heart Girl says:

    i would wear this in my upcoming masquarade party with sexy eye mask with red lips and new years eve, with hot pink lips and black suede booties…,,
    i love this dress so sexy yet elegant and edgy ..:)
    followed natelie,disco pony and in twitter.:)

  56. Natalie says:

    My name is also Natalie so this dress would be perfecto for me!! I would pair this super hot dress with a oversize studded leather jacket and some badass heels. I would wear this dress everywhere, to the bathroom, to the grocery store, to sleep! Its great for hong kong’s weather especially as its cooling down!

  57. bottlerocket says:

    this is simply smashing! it definitely is a dress that speaks for itself, so accessorizing it would be just a pair of pearl earrings- that’s it. the shoes would either be black/dark plum heels or black flats with a subtle matte snakeskin print. i’m always fairly natural makeup wise, so maybe a classic cat eyeliner and bit of gloss on the lips!

  58. Lady San Pedro says:

    Oh wow, I love Barcelona too! Can’t wait till we move residence there in January 🙂

    I also love gold, backless and shimmer… which is basically that dress! Haha

    I would wear it with bright blue eyeshadow, sapphire earrings, nude lips, clutch and shoes.

  59. audrey says:

    I love this dress so much! As always my love for sparkly and glittery things 🙂

    I’d style it to be ‘grunge-chic’, pairing the with darker tones, for the dress to stand out. I would match it with a black blazer, with cuffed sleeves, bare legged and a pair of low boots. kind of like this blazer ( and this pair of boots (

  60. siilenti says:

    Im going to Boston for New Years and this would be the most perfect dress! With some black tights and a boyfriend jacket, amazing!

    Im a FB fan and blog follower of both!

    siilentii27 at gmail dot com

  61. Monserrat says:

    This dress is amazing! I would totally wear this dress with a pair of biker boots, a leather jacket and some dainty gold bracelets for day. (oh yea I would totally rock that dress for day) For night, I would put on my leopard print heels and black, knee length swing jacket and leopard printed, calf skin miniaudier.

  62. Faye says:

    OMG LOVE this dress! It’d be perfect for my company’s holiday party. To style it, I would wear my hair in a loose top knot, showing off my bare back; clean makeup but with cat eye liner , and of course red lipstick; mixed metal tassel earrings; LOVE Moschino ‘Prince Charming’ Box Clutch (; and finishing off the look with sky high red pumps with skinny metal heel from Aldo (

  63. Katie says:

    LOVE the dress and have been following Zoey for so long now!!!

    I would style mine with simple black booties and my hair up to show off the back, or perhaps with belt, or a blazer….so many options I can’t decide!! I guess you should give it to me so I can find my favorite way 😉

  64. a little ghost. says:

    LOVE IT! I would definitely go for the midi because I think it would add some drama to the glitz and style it with black ankle booties for New Years Eve. I am keeping my fingers crossed because this dress is freaken perfect!

    maurissacannata at gmail dot com

  65. Tori says:

    First off, I would wear this simply every chance I got~ paired with some amazing pointy-toed wedges or pumps for evening & a classic coat like you styled it, & over skinny jeans with a pair of combat boots for an undone yet glamourous casual look ♥

    Email: honeylovejam(at)yahoo(dot)com
    Facebook: Victoria Martineau
    Twitter: cherriparfait

  66. viviane / hippiebohoreloaded. says:

    done 🙂
    it reminds me sooo much of sienna miller as edie sedgwick in factory girl! would wear it with simple black french sole flats. the dress is so stunning, it doesn’t need any accessories … it’s glam prfection with a hint of 60’s galore 🙂
    would love to wear the mini dress version for christmas and / or new year’s eve.

    xx viviane

  67. Caitlin says:

    I would style it to shine on its own, with Jeffrey Campbell Litas because I’d be wearing it out in Las Vegas!

    I’m going there for my 21st birthday which is actually November 9th. Too much of a coincidence!

    I’ve been searching like mad for the perfect dress to wear out. I actually remember when you posted pictures of this Disco Pony dress and now I always think about it when I’m shopping for a birthday outfit. It’s so memorable! 🙂

  68. K. says:

    HI! if i would win this dress, i would style them with laboutin heels( definetly black one with red soles) and black leather clutch! in my real life i would take my catwalk wedges and next coat with `skirt`, and the exelent day for this would be new years eve, and then every special occacion 🙂 i folow you on every place i could, ut i dont have twitter, hope doesnt mind to you, thak you for a chance sending greetengs from Czech Republic! 🙂

  69. Amanda Wenek says:

    I would style the super mini with a poppy red lip for a pop of colour, black lace up wedge ankle booties with opaque black tights, and top it off with a military style khaki green cargo jacket for a look that’s effortless and chic. Messy hair and blunt bangs would finish the look perfectly!

    I followed on Twitter, Blogger, and Facebook. The dress looks great on you!

  70. Natalie says:

    I have a winter birthday, so I think I would save the dress for going out that night! I would style it with some fun black heels, possibly a black leather jacket, and some simpler earrings. I would definitely let the dress be the main attraction 🙂 it’s so beautiful!!

  71. cathy. says:

    I’m pretty enamoured with this dress. I’d probably go with emerald green pumps to jazz it up and wear next to no accessories since the dress pretty much does all that already!

    xx (at) gmail (dot) com

  72. Sophia Michelle Hitchcock (Cipriano) says:

    Ooooo I have been dreaming of this dress since you first posted it back in March. I love the high collar open back look, classy with just the right amount of sexy. I would pair this with an oversized blazer, black tights and suede ankle boots. I would love to be able to own this gorgeous dress. It would definitely be the best looking piece in my closet! xoxo

    Sophia Cipriano

  73. Celaine says:

    I would style the DISCO PONY “Natalie” dress with leopard booties, victorian backseam tights, bold bracelets, and a micheal kors gold watch. My hair pixie cut, makeup darker red lip, and dark eyes. I would wear it on a date with my lover, and be so confident that everyone stares!, Christina

    I would do the mini midi! Thanks and you look beautiful in this dress!!!

  74. Kaley says:

    I would probably wear this out on the town. I just moved to a smaller city in Japan and I already stand out a lot, this will probably make it even moreso! I have silver shoes/clutch that I would probably pair it with. I love the contrast. Since it’s colder, I have a teal cardigan I’d wear over it, something soft to balance off the hard look of the sequin.

    Plus, my sequin collection needs expanding. I have a black sequin dress, silver skirt and silver shirt. Love it!

  75. C says:

    I would definitely style it with my hair on a side part to leave the back exposed, wear bright red lipstick, no accessories (so it won’t distract from the dress), and some kind of structured, maybe chunky, black boot. I’m thinking the Dolce Vita Jemma Platforms!


  76. Alyssa says:

    I would definitely style this with a bright lipstick-red clutch and nude heels.

    My hair would be up, leaving some loose hair falling over the sides of my face and I would don some simple earthy-tone makeup with a bright red lip.

    I would also pair it with gold/slightly bronze looped(teardrop shaped), boho style earrings. Nothing too fancy but not too dull either.

    I would probably wear 2-3 classic white and gold rings.

    I won’t let anything cover the dress, especially the low back when I’m at an event itself because that’s the highlight of the day. (:

  77. whatsanitasdeal says:

    I would initially get the midi length and save it till my company’s holiday party. POW everyone’s going to notice me and the dress. I would style it with a strappy nude stiletto.
    After that holiday party I will probably take it to my tailor and hem it to mini midi level and pair it with black blazer that sits a lil above my waist, leggings and a pair of booties. I wouldn’t put too much jewelery since it’s already a wow factor dress.
    I would also try to wear it again with skinny jeans dark wash with some pumps to tone it down and make it casual.
    my email:
    imnotarunner at gmail dot com
    2. Like DISCO PONY on Facebook(anita-bah) & Twitter (imnotarunner)/ Follow Make Shift Model (done!)

    3. Like me on Facebook Done (look for me “anita-bah”)
    I’m not a fashionista but this dress will sure make me feel like one!

  78. Stella says:

    I think I would try to make it into a more casual piece by pairing a unique knit that had a low cut back as well over it for the fall season and then accessorizing it with black booties and my favorite wide brim black fedora and maybe a simple necklace so as to not take away from the amazing sequin detailing.


  79. Jo Gremillion says:


    Couldn’t think of anything I love more than gold sequins!
    I really don’t need an excuse to wear this beautiful baby!
    I’d rock the super mini with some emerald green booties & even though I think it’d be a sin to cover up the amazing draped back, I’d layer with my collared vintage mink stole if necessary.
    For a little contrast I’d do oversized silver cocktail rings, Saint Claude dove skull necklace, and tapestry clutch….. ok, I’m drooling!!!

  80. Ksu says:

    I would love to win this dress, just because I adore it and adore your blog and what you do. As for comment As Ms. Chanel said: “Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street; fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.” Coco Chanel
    Good Luck everybody!

  81. klara o'hara says:

    This dream is awesome. Since it’s so sparkly, I’d probably tone down the styling, wear my brown lace up wedge ankle boots/brown 70s cowboy boots, a long silver necklace and some black tights. I’d probably wear it on New Years, which will be pretty special to me since I will get to spend it with my boyfriend who lives across the ocean from me. I would love to get to wear something truly magical like this for that night.

  82. rikki says:

    The question how of what you’d pair this dress with is really simple!

    Just the gold sequin dress witch black pumps or booties.

    The dress is so gorgeous on it’s own, why add something on it? I woudn’t add anything, so that the attention would all go to the dress! LOVE LOVE LOVE the dress…

    Maybe a couple of brown/golden bracelets and rings to finish it, but THATS IT 🙂

    email: last_song(at)

  83. Molls McB says:

    I have been obsessing over this dress for a while now. OBSESSING!!! (Thanks to lots of blog stalking)

    I would wear it to a fashion event I have coming up next month. The store I buy for was picked by a group of fashion superstars to receive a very special award…and I am having the hardest time finding the perfect dress.

    For every day life (yes, every day is a day for sequins), I would pair this dress with cowboy boots and a floppy vintage hat. For a more formal occasion, I would do platform booties or nude stilettos.

    It’s simply a-m-a-z-i-n-g.

  84. ad7e0e58-fd24-11e0-a8a1-000bcdcb2996 says:

    I LOVE THIS DRESS! It is so beautiful and i love love disco pony! I have always wanted to buy something from there but don’t have the money. I would wear it in super mini for my 16th birthday comming up on November 29!! or for New Years. I would wear platforms with this dress and a high ponytail with red lips and several rings and a clutch.(:
    I hope to win! and thank you for having this contest and giving many girls the chance to recieve this truly amazing dress!!
    xoxo, Haley

  85. raenutt says:

    I. DIE. I absolutely LOVE this dress! I would do a day-to-night look. I’m a big fan of being a bit ostentatious in the office so I’d wear it with either a high-wasted pencil skirt or wide-leg editor pants. Chunky, bright heels would be a must as well as my oversized fossil watch. Now, for after-work cocktails, I’d simply remove the pants/skirt and add a clutch. Very versatile and clean, yet in your face.

  86. Much Afraid says:

    Oooo, mini midi, bright red lips, fun boots or heels, funky rings. I’d want to wear something over it for outside in the cold, but would need to see it on before I figured it how. How gorgeous for a fun night out!

  87. Saffronlaughing says:

    I’m so stoked to see this amazing giveaway! seriously best thing I’ve come across. If I were blessed enough to get to wear this golden miracle, I would wear the super mini, with either knee high motorcycle boots (badass!) or black booties, chunky vintage style rings on both hands, and a messy but sophisticated updo with a few sideswept wisps. I’d wear it with a clean face, light blush and dark shadow and liner on the lids.

    Umm yeah! it’d be a miracle to win this dress, I’m super happy to have the chance! so thanks Natalie and Zoey!

    my e-mail is (don’t judge! I was in gr 6 when I made it)

  88. NoeLia says:

    Love the dress Natalie! I’d wish it were mine!
    I think is perfect to wear it for a really fabulous party as I have next month for my friend’s birthday! I’ll definitly rock it with black booties!! 😉
    My email is aclia(@)
    Already Likes you and DISCO PONY on FB (Noe Burgos) and following onTwitter (noebrgs)

    Kisses from Argentina!!

  89. makaylarobinson says:

    Oh my god, this dress is perfection! I would wear my hair in my natural wave, soft neutral makeup with a plum/wine lip, velvet black wedges with a black leather jacket over top while bar/club hopping this F/W. This dress speaks for itself, so I definitely wouldn’t over accessorize!

    Following everything!

    Facebook: MaKayla Rawlings Robinson
    Twitter: @mak_robinson

    I hope I win! I need this dress to complete my F/W wardrobe!

  90. Kate says:

    I think I would style this dress with black tights and black combat boots.. I love that style and I think it’s perfect for any party. You could even dress it up for new years. I own a few things sparkly and I would LOVE TO ADD THIS TO MY CLOSET. Every time I watch my favorite movie, Factory Girl.. I see her sequin blackless white dress and die. I love it so much.

    I want this dress, please please!

  91. Shawna says:

    Hi! My name is Shawna and I would wear this dress with either some loafers or Doc Martens (I think it would be a great contrast to the flashy and glamorous dress). I also think subtle make-up is a must – don’t want to go too over the top, and the hair would be up in a messy bun in order to show off the back.
    My email is:

  92. Lauren says:

    I have been a fan of Disco Pony for a bit now! I love this dress. I would style it with a black leather jacket I have that also has a suede inset in it. It would look great with the sequins. Then, I would wear black tights and booties!


    Following the above requirements!

  93. Elke says:

    I love the dress! How I would style it? I think the dress is already an amazing eyecatcher so i try to style it with less jewelry. A little yes, ofcourse but not too much. and I would wear it with black suede pumps. If it turns out to be too cold to you wear it without something, I would wear it with an blazer (I think from Zara) Love the dress,it’s just amazing!! ♥
    xxElke (

  94. Sarah says:

    I would wear this dress all day, everyday, I need this in my wardrobe!!
    I would wear it with plenty of eyeliner and my hair up to accentuate the gorgeous back with a black leather jacket or burgandy blazer (if its cold) and killer heels.
    Or I would team it with big hair and an oversized red blazer or a nice fur coat for something a bit more dramatic!
    Or even with a nude fitted trench and some maroon shoes
    LOVE it <3

  95. Kuri says:

    How beautiful!!! Thanks for letting us know Zoey’s work!
    My choice would be to wear it with my perfecto jacket and my low motorcycle boots, with no jewels… doesn’t need any!

  96. littledance says:

    I’ll wear the mini dress with a minimalist concept, probably with a pair of glam ear studs, and with my hair tied back up high in a ponytail!
    I’ll wear black platform suede pumps for the footwear!

    I’m hoping to win this to wear it for an important event in December so that it will be an extra memorable night! 🙂

    Liked you & Disco Pony on Facebook already! Thanks!

  97. LaCheshire says:

    I would style it with the Pierre Hardy Burgundy Pumps as shown here (

    I really love the gold en the burgundy together and I would then finish it of with the Charlotte Olympia Pandora plexiglass clutch (as shown here

    And then I would let the dress do the talking and my dancemoves, cause I would wear it to a fun night out! haha

    My email is

  98. parabrats2 says:

    I would style it with a cropped black leather biker jacket, a dark maroon box clutch, and black t-stap pumps. Although, I would be taking my jacket off as often as possible to show off the fabulous back!

  99. EttaGrace says:

    I thought up a couple more ways I would style it:
    1. ‘the natalie’+deep red or forest green lip+top half of my face covered in gold leaf+no shoes=perfect meet the parents and/or wood chopping look
    2.’the natalie’+lab coat+discovery (possibly the band, DEFINITELY the pursuit of)+beakers of various sizes=perfect meet the parents and/or experimenting on mice look


  100. allisoncarraghan says:

    First, I’m following you on Twitter! Second, I would wear it for New Years Eve out niWashington D.C. One of my main fashion inspirations is Rachel Zoe. I had an idea in mind of the dress I would like to wear, and this fits my image exactly. The low back, high neck, slight shoulder pad, etc. I would wear this dress with black tights, and a pair of black Jimmy Choo Cosmic inspired heels. No jewelry, obviously because the dress already makes a big statement. Maybe a black cocktail ring. I would pair it with a small black clutch. I would then wear my hair in a messy side bun, with curls and bangs, channeling Zooey Deschanel. I would wear a very dramatic red lip (but the right shade because I’m fair skinned), light eyeshadow and and heavy mascara. This is my dream dress, so please pick me, I’ll wear it well 🙂


  101. Tariro says:

    Did all of the things we had to do to enter! That dress is beautiful! I think I’d wear is with some heeled boots, to add a little rustic or vintage touch to it, and then a nice shoulder bag, some black necklaces, and I think i’d leave my hair down and curl it. Or I’d wear it with leopard print flats, then a leather bag, maybe a few bracelets. There’s so many possibilities!

  102. Van says:

    I would definitely wear this on New Year’s Eve! This dress says it all and it would be THE perfect outfit for the coming of a new year! I’ll be wearing this as it is and also with my hair tied up in a ponytail, a pair of royal blue pumps, a chunky necklace and I would bring a black boyfriend blazer just in case. 🙂

  103. Erika says:

    Should I win this dress I’d wear it nonstop! This dress is so perfect it hardly needs styling. I would wear it on christmas with my family and pair it with a black blazer and flats. Once New Years Eve rolls around I’d wear it with my favorite ankle boots and dance the night away!

  104. Lisa L. says:

    I would style this dress in “The Super Mini” with cobalt blue suede hidden platform heels, swarovski stud earrings, and a statement ring! I would wear this out for New Years in Las Vegas for the first time since I just turned 21 recently !

    I am so happy I just ran into your fab blog and saw this contest! I am obsessed with this dress, and would love the opportunity to rock it!


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