A Little Rock n’ Roll

(Elkin dress, Mango jacket, Wanted flats, Melie Bianco bag, Ax + Apple necklace)

Just the other day, it was totally fine to walk outside with bare legs and a minidress. Not anymore! I’m already freezing my butt off in my new uniform of a giant parka and scarf. Also, I have a terrible cold thanks to the ridiculous amount of wind and rain we’ve experienced this week. Sitting in front of the TV…cradling a large cup of English Breakfast Tea (milk and sugar please!)..my way of getting well and QUICK. Anyways, here I am on my rooftop before the weather did a crazy turn a few days ago. Normally I don’t wear a lot of black, but after receiving few new black pieces from LA based label, Elkin, I quickly found myself turning to the dark side. The baby doll shape is still new to my wardrobe, but I’m enjoying it’s femininity. We’re talking major movement and lots and lots of leg! Although the dress it totally girly and fun, black on black with red lips always gets me in a rock n’ roll mood. Of course I had to throw in a few pops of color: leopard flats and this adorable Melie Bianco bag. Her bags are affordable, environmentally friendly, and downright amazing for running around the city with. I had the pleasure of shooting her latest campaign as well. Check out my photos for Melie Bianco here!

A beautiful weekend is ahead for us in New York! Hope yours is just as swell! I’m trying to rest up and get well before next week, which is bound to be spectacular.

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154 Responses to A Little Rock n’ Roll

  1. EIGHT LONDON says:

    The ponyskin loafers are to die for. Head-to-toe black always works with vampy red lipstick.

    We’ve been having such temperamental weather here in Paris too. Like 33ºC hell at fashion week followed by arctic blasts that had us all reaching for wool coats, then today it was 18ºC again and I was barelegged and fancy free. Quoi de neuf? Who knows…


  2. Nela says:

    you’re just great. I’ve been a few times looking through your blog.. but now I really aprecciate what you’ve been doing and how great bloger you are.) wish you luck:))

  3. Jen says:

    You’re so right- I love the girlier vibe of this outfit but it’s still so rock n roll and so Natalie. Love! That bag is so pretty as well – such a sucker for small structured bags!

    Hope you feel better soon and have a great week! Also late congrats on Coach guest blogger- you looked beautiful!



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