On the Seaside

(Volcom top and pants, Dolce Vita from Helianthus boots, Koshka bag, Vintage hat)

I realized my style completely changes depending on what coast I’m on. On the East Coast, my style is a lot more simple and classic, and then I jump on a plane to California and BAM, I’ve got a lot more color and funkiness. Basically, I haven’t worn a hat in MONTHS. I am also donning a full on Volcom ensemble. Representing my California natives of course! Main reason I’m back in Cali for the week is continue my work with Volcom. I just shot the summer ’12 campaign and already, moving into design with the brand! I just made a visit to the Volcom headquarters down in Costa Mesa the other day to review the final samples for my Fall ’12 design collaboration. I am BEYOND excited for my pieces to come out next year and to see people on the street wearing clothes with my name on it! So surreal, I really need to pinch myself. Expect some killer separates: we’re talking a staple dress, skirt, vest, and some HOT HOT blouses. Next up? My Holiday ’12 design collabooooo. For the holiday season, all I can think about are sparkles, lace, and all sorts of yummy goodness. Sketches and color palettes are floating about the office before we get into production and create some samples. This is one project that I’m super duper OUT OF THIS WORLD stoked about! Being volcomized has never felt so good…

Keep up with my Fall ’12 design collab project and meet my Volcom design partner in crime, Grace Lee, here on VOLCOMUNITY!!

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198 Responses to On the Seaside

  1. Blackswan says:

    my oh my I’m in LOVE with your blouse! I’ve noticed have a wonderful collection of graphic/printed blouses, but this one is just magic on you! LOVING you outfit from hat to boots – brilliant Natalie!

    looking forward to seeing more of your Volcom input. I also happened to be flicking through Frankie, a magazine we have here in Australia and spotted your pretty face in a Volcom/Volcommunity advert! 😀

    btw, thank you for all your sweet comments as of late 🙂

    x Lauren

  2. ravenouscreatures says:

    Congrats on a collaboration with one of your sponsors. I feel excited each time we have a sale at our shop and when people send us follow-up posts to show us how they are rockin’ are wares, so I am sure it will be amazing once you start seeing people in your looks!

  3. Paulien says:

    First of all: congrats with the Volcom collaboration! I’m so curious to see how your pieces will look like! Keep us updated 😉

    About the outfit: I really really love this one! The colors match so well and the textures are amazing. Nonchalant and still extremely cool. The bag is one of the prettiest I’ve seen since some time and that hat would look so good in my closet. Oh, and the blouse is absolutely fab. Yummy outfit!


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