Weekend Industries

(American Apparel denim shirt, Cotton On tee, J Brand denim shorts, 80%20 shoes, Sienna Ray bag, Milor Italy jewerly)

There are some days when I just want to throw on an easy pair of denim shorts. There is no fuss, and seriously, you can never go wrong is with a cool pair of denim cut-offs. To go with it, I threw on a big button down shirt with rolled up sleeves. This is one of my favorite weekend looks. To make this denim short/ boyfriend shirt combo a bit more me, I opted for this amazing purple hue instead of the usual blue denim and slipped into another summer staple of mine, a striped cotton tee. I’m all for showing a bit of leg, especially in the summer, when everyone is so toned from being outside and walking miles nearly everyday! If you’re getting a Brooklyn “industrial” vibe from this look, it’s because we snapped these photos in DUMBO, one of the most industrial areas of Brooklyn filled with artists and painters. This is a look I could literally roll out of bed in and hit the streets…with no care of getting dirty.

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156 Responses to Weekend Industries

  1. tasha faye says:

    you look beautiful! <3 +i’m pretty sure i’m telepathic cause i wore the exact same denim shirt today! i wore it over a blue top and with black shorts. :3 heh totally psychic. xxx

  2. Emilie says:

    This is literally how I want to dress every day! I have an almost identical chambray work shirt from J.Crew and a similar striped tee. Either that or a tank top under one of these tops and you’re good to go. With a pair of colorful shorts. Also those shoes are kind of killer.

  3. Ella says:

    loving the denim shirt, it looks so comfortable. what i like about a top like that is that you can dress it up or down, plus it goes with just about everything!


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