Timeless on a Rainy Day

(Blue Bird blouse, By Corpus skirt, Glamyou shoes)

One thing I’m beginning to get used to on the East Coast: the massive amounts of unexpected showers. And of course, right after I lose my umbrella, which was already broken to begin with, NYC begins to cry it’s eyes out! But I actually love the rain. The city gets a bit cooler and the next day always seems a bit more fresh. I’m still waiting for my rain boots to be delivered(which I’m super stoked about), and so I’ve been going around in completely inappropriate shoes for this weather for the time being. Inappropriate, but still amazing, flat leather oxfords. Also known as, MAN SHOES. Once again, inspired by the boys strolling the city in similar type shoes, looking all comfy and casual. So jealous, I had to get a few pairs of my own! These are European made and literally feel like socks. The leather is superb and I love the unexpected blue shade. For my day out running with no luck in avoiding the endless amounts of puddles, I went with one very classic, SUPER simple look. I felt very Audrey Hepburn. Black and white with timeless shapes. This is one look I could probably grow old in and still look totally chic.

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144 Responses to Timeless on a Rainy Day

  1. Cylia says:

    hey natalie:) you look stunning as usual.. I have a little question.. I’m wondering how you stay so slim and lean.. what’s your work-out or eating tips for breakfast/lunch and dinner?:) or maybe eating don’ts?

  2. Emilie says:

    I live in Boston and I’m totally with you on the erratic weather…it was raining here, and I mean torrential downpour raining, for the last week, yesterday was beautiful, and today is thunderstorming again. I’m glad to hear you’ve purchased rainboots because they’re a must. Anyway, LOVE your shirt. And the shirt/skirt pairing. And the brogues. And how you totally pull of red lipstick. Great blog in general!

  3. Laura says:

    I have the same problem with umbrellas, everytime i’m without one, i buy one (when lucky enough to find a store)but of course i never bring them with me so i have a huge collection of umbrellas i only used one time 🙂


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