East River Edge

(Denise Focil by Aplinestars top, Vintage Levi’s jacket, Forever 21 shorts, Vanessa Mooney jewelry, Sienna Ray bag, Estée Lauder‘s “Hot Cinnamon” eyeshadow and “Red Velvet” lipstick)

The Brooklyn Bridge park is one of my favorite places to relax. I love getting to sit right on the rocks, so close to the water that my shoes nearly get wet. It’s just so cinematic that I cannot stop looking over to the other side. The views of Manhattan are so spectacular from here, day or night, even with all the clouds that have been hanging over the city these days. Luckily, the city was much cooler this weekend making it somewhat okay to bring along my vintage denim jacket. Worn with a super cool backless lace top and rust colored shorts, it worked. For once, LAYERING and LONG SLEEVES? Okay, maybe not entirely, but it worked just this once! And yet again, I’m sporting my favorite summer accessory, RED LIPS. This time, I’ve been wearing Estée Lauder’s Red Velvet lipstick, which literally feels velvety smooth when I put it on and most importantly STAYS ON. I’m so obsessed and recommending it to all of my friends. Even during an entire day out on the town, surviving the occasional downpour of rain mixed with heat, these eyeshadows and lipsticks never wear off. I think my life is saved hehe! Okay and just so you know, the scent of the city mixed with rain is something I’ve never really experienced until now…it’s well, interesting, reminds me of a wet dog, and OH OH lucky lucky me, I seem to always forget my umbrella before stepping out and so ended my day running home in the rain, SOAKING. But I have to admit, it felt so liberating and was actually super fun to run from the water, home, with a herd of umbrella-less people screaming at the top of our lungs. Totally priceless.

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207 Responses to East River Edge

  1. Alicia says:

    Ooh I wish I could sit next to you to see those views…I always forget my umbrella as well so I know the feeling 🙂 You look beautiful, I’m glad to hear that lipstick is such a winner, will look for it myself. Have a great Sunday Natalie!

  2. Emm says:

    ah Nat, you are still my fav!
    I adore this outfit and I am already planning on replicating it when I (I as in me and the rest of australia/southern hem) get my long awaited turn at summer!
    And i am just thinking of the wet city smell, but I guess different cities smell different! haha


  3. Michelle says:

    it is really relaxing. the other day i grabbed some sushi and just sat by the water eating, taking it all in. i’ll be going upstate for college and looking at the city and bridge i thought- I’m really going to miss this. ive recently just ventured into wearing a red lip myself. thank you for the recommendation!

  4. STYLEBARO says:

    Every time I pass by your blog, I say you’re cute. Every time I pass by your blog, I say you’re funny. Every time I pass by your blog, I say you’re awesome. Every time I say for your blog, tell me you’ve got style …

    What more do you want?You’re perfect!
    ¡¡¡¡¡ Not stop, please !!!!!

    I hope we continue and we talked a bit (I was in Barcelona, ​​when you went to Mango, and we saw it. I know it’s a shame, but to see if you come back again and already there we come)

    Natalie a kiss!
    Greetings, my darling!! <3

  5. Anna says:

    goregous look! your make-up is stunning!

    i love your attitude on getting soaked. if your going to get caught in a down pour you might as well embrace it!

  6. Naina says:

    You always looks so beautiful. No clue how you can stand those long sleeves in summer through, lace or not – you’re such a trooper 😉


  7. Ellie says:

    You look SO gorgeous. Love this outfit, and the back of this shirt is just amazing. I hope you had the time to check out the Alexander Wang sale, I thought about going back a few times 🙂

  8. Kendra says:

    Hey there,
    I’m only new to your blog but I love it already!
    I hope you can check mine out too and we can follow each other?
    Your pictures are stunning, such an inspiration!




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