Surprise Back

(By Corpus top, Vintage trousers, Bloch ballet flats, Vintage bag)

Yep, I’m wearing bright red in the heart of Chinatown…and it’s not even Chinese New Year anymore! I think I could easily join the parade in this getup next year, no? Yet, it’s not just the bold bright hue of the crop top that I love, it’s the surprise back. It shows just the right amount of skin. I always gravitate towards basic pieces that have a little something special about them. With my favorite plum colored trousers and sleek pair of ballet flats, I’m ready for my boba. Best boba in LA? Get it just off Hill Street in this little alley 🙂

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124 Responses to Surprise Back

  1. Ella says:

    the top is very cute! i love the open back, it’s almost flower petal looking. and the red and plum colors together look so beautiful, it’s a perfect combination!

  2. Ilanka Verhoeven says:

    Love the top and the first pic is gorgeous!
    I know 🙁
    I left yesterday afternoon already since I had to go all the way to Newark for my flight.. And the rest of the days I had a schedule 🙁
    But I will def come back to NY, it’s magical!
    Hope we can then meet up or who knows maybe somewhere else sometime (you never know with all these bloggers events:D)


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